The Massive Passive hardware EQ is a bit of a legend in the studio world so its not surprising the team at UAD took to modeling this classic bit of kit. But how close did they get to the original? I took a copy of the plugin down to Tim at Fluid Mastering to see how it stacks up vs the real thing.

Have a listen for yourself, test track: Elsie – Dangerous Dog
Download test files

Massive Passive UAD website

Fluid Mastering website

  • McAuthor Jaxsn Jackson

    Very hard to tell the difference between the Hardware and UAD,
    after listening to both

    DSP Test – MP_HW
    DSP Test – MP_UAD

    at least in this mix through my AKG 701′s the Hardware Mix is more brittle on the top.
    but that could be the mixing vs the machine itself.
    bottom-line both units are so close, it becomes a matter of slight tweaking to get your sound. either way the UAD sounds very Manleyish
    Thanks for the review

  • Marc

    The hardware was louder by around a half dB, but when leveled with each other, the hardware is more transparent with more punch, though that may be a different reason other than the EQ unit/plugin itself, which sounds identical to me.

  • Wrex

    How can we claim improvement or decline in quality when there was no quality to begin with? This comparison begs the question of “how much is it gonna cost to capture the excitement of my drum machine ?”.