The TC Electronics Level Pilot is a balanced passive volume control that sits between your audio interface and monitors. But why would you need this when your interface already has a volume control?

Also I got the new final cut this week, not happy / sorry about the doggie edits.

  • Jon Tidey

    your review and conclusions are pretty much dead on to what my review would be. I’ve been using one for several months and it is indispensable.
    As a fast mute for the speakers when recording vocals makes this really handy. the volume control on my profire 2626 is an analog control for a digital amplifier and it just doesn’t have the fine resolution or large knob to set monitor levels consistently.

    I’ve got the same thing with the very quiet levels, left side cuts out. I thought it was just me, I actually do listen that low fairly often, like when I need to hear when my daughter wakes so she doesn’t fall off the bed again. I wish it was more carefully matched down that low. Anything above is balanced though.

    I didn’t really notice any bad edits. May I suggest some paper towel to blot the sweat?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Jon, Funny how I can talk on something so simple for 10mins and still miss some points. The control on my interface is too small and I too really enjoy the fine resolution the Level Pilot gives you.

  • Deadly Habit

    or there are those of us wth no knob on our interface at all or routing through a patchbay

  • Coreysan

    I’m interested in the level pilot because I wore out an audio interface volume knob, and I can tell you that its a nightmare getting it fixed. Volume knobs are directly soldered to
    the PC board of the interface, so you need to get a professional to desolder, replace, and mail back to you.
    I’d much rather wear out a level pilot, where I can quickly replace it!