This week a review and give away!
We will be taking a close look at the Impact Twin firewire audio interface made by TC Electronic.

  • Gunnar Oledal

    You should’ve mentioned something about the audio latency. That’s important stuff for people who’ll be doing live performances with the unit.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the feedback Gunnar, I will test this in future.

  • Soundpot

    looks good, though pretty bulky. Maybe too heavy for touring?

  • Anonymous

    Well its not the smallest interface in the world but its not that heavy as the shell is plastic. Depends on how your touring, if its just you and a backpack their could be lighter options. But in that case there is also a question of robustness, smaller plastic units with the knobs exposed could get knocked off.

  • Paul Sierowski

    excellent id love one of these

  • Frandech

    Excellent value and packed with very practical useful features for a variety of user levels.

  • Andy Reyes

    I’m guessing its been given away already. Its still up on the “win” page.

  • Anonymous

    Yes it is over. Thanks for the heads up, I have updated the page now. Sorry about that.

  • The Oozing Grooves

    Great video, thank you!  Very, very thorough.  Had been considering Saffires or even jumping up to an RME to replace my unsatisfactory AUDIOBOX USB, until I saw this and it looked very reasonable for a 192khz capable box.  I think you’ve sold me on it.