The BMC-2 is a monitor controller and DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) with a headphone output rolled up into one neat desktop unit. I decided to test it out against the standard DAC in an edirol UA-101 interface and the considerably more expensive DAC in the Prism Orpheus to see what it could do.

  • Highdoven Music

    CONNECTIONS / To connect BMC-2 to Mac

    Mac Laptops or iMac none of them has those outputs as SPDIF | ADAT | TOS so I suppose you must have something in between as audio interface. Or what it is the best thing how to connect this device to iMac or macbookpro directly as possible?

  • RupertBrown

    Luckily thats not quite true, newish MBPs have a dual analogue / digital audio out on the same 3.5mm plug. So you would need a mini toslink to toslink cable and you could use the built in audio interface of the laptop. Double check the specs of your specific machine but I think they all have those combo ports these days. :-)

  • Marios Ibrahim

    Hi there! I’ve already got a motu traveler Audio interface for ad-da. I am considering to get a BMC-2 to improve my DA conversion. Do you think the BMC is a better DAC than the motu traveller, is it on the same category or inferior? Tnx in advance for your advice.

  • RupertBrown

    Hey Marios,
    I have never compared the two so I cant shed any light on your question. Sorry about that.

  • Samson

    How does the BMC-2 hold up today? Are there any newer/similar controllers/DAC that one should consider in the same price bracket now?

    Sadly there’s not much info about this unit online (especially comparative of current interfaces/prices/expectations).


  • RupertBrown

    Hey Samson, I dont know of any new products that would be a comparative match, still a great little unit in my eyes.

  • Vladimir

    Is there maybe some plan for modernised “mk2″ model (with 24/192 converters) ?