When using a single absolute physical control and switching between multiple software values you can get an unpleasant jump when the hardware does not match the new value. Ableton Live has a solution found in its takeover mode options. This week we find out what they do and why you want them.

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  • n4Sphere

    thx rupert for this episode, now everything is clear about miditakeover

    i´m looking forward to the next episode.

  • Alexrm1x

    Thank you for the excellent explanation.

  • Paul

    wonder if this will sort the problem out using my launchpad using automap, after ive enered midi assignments, it defaults back to session view, then on second try the leds get all mixed up

  • Anonymous

    What leds get mixed up. You mean your assignments cause strange flashing etc in session view?
    If your using the default automap config, try use to the second page of CC parameters. There seems to be less conflicts with the “native mode” launchpad midi messages in the higher CC values. 

  • Guest

    Great and clear explanation for what i was looking right now, thanks dude!

  • http://hillfeeds.tk Jorge Hill

    Great and clear explanation for what i was looking for right now, thanks dude!