Just by chance I had access to two different brands of monitors both using ribon tweeters that are very simuarly spec’d. Seemed like a perfect oppertunity for a shoot out! The Adam Audio A5X are equipeed with the new XART tweeter claiming to reach an impressive and possibly pointless 50khz. The Samson Rubicon R5a are my old monitors I initally brought just for DJ mixing, but when I  extended my stay in the UK they ended up sticking around longer then initaly planed.

  • Laxplayer142013

    what would you suggest is a good monitor for a beginner that is within a reasonable price range?

  • Anonymous

    I suggest you find the store with the bigest selection and listen to everything you can afford. Making music is all about making decisions from YOUR ears not your peers, I think the same should apply to gear.

    Oh and if you find something you like buy it from the store. Dont go home and get it online to save $9, if we want to have a place to demo gear we need to support real stores.

  • Laxplayer142013

    Again you may give me a similar answer but what do you believe is more crucial for a beginner; studio headphones or monitors?

  • Anonymous

    I would go for monitors first if you dont have noise issues at night (neighbours in small apparments, GF / wife or kids etc). Its generally accepted that you have better chance of getting a good mix from monitors over phones. On the flip side headphones take the issues of room acoustics out of the picture and you can get lower bass.

  • Laxplayer142013

    Thanks Rupert, I appreciate it!

  • Ivo Siemonsmeier

    I´ve gone the little ADAM route and I am very happy with. At first I bought the A5 speakers but soon realized I need to extend the low frequency department. After one year of experience I can recommend the A5+Sub7 combination. It is fairly priced these days and after a small amount of time to get used to the speaker system I could figure out the problematic spots in the frequency range. The mixes were initially better on all the devices I could listen to (cars, girlfriend´s laptop, small and cheap 2.1 computer system, club PA) and it didn´t take so much time to decide were I wanted to use an Eq for which purpose.

    It is worth to put the money into decent monitors because these are the devices that let you decide what sounds good and what not. I made the mistake to put my money into “great sounding plug-ins” because they are cheaper but I forgot the other end of the listening chain every plug-in had to go thru.

    I can only recommend to put focus on room treatment and monitor choice. All DAWs have a far superior sound engine than it was in 1995 were all the myths of bus summing and floating blabla vs. fixed come from. Don´t buy into this debate. Choose the right devices where you can really decide what sounds good or not. Y o u r monitor setup.

  • Anonymous

    Good advice, nice to hear you have your mointoring sorted.

  • Nikossss1

    Hi i saw your video and its very helpful and  good job for presenting differences with nice way. I m looking to Buy Studio monitors to get A nice Distortion sound through software like guitar rig or amplitube. I got 2 questions. I heard the Adam’s and its really good with guitar. I got the soundcard  M-audio fast track MKII  . If i had the M- audio fast track PRO would sound better? ty

  • Anonymous

    Sorry I can only see one question. No I dont think you will hear a notable difference between the two M-Audio interfaces. I would be surprised if they used different converters.

  • Martin Sulc

    Rupert, what is your opinion at front vs. rear ported monitors? I am just in the process of choosing monitors for my appearing home studio and I’m wondering if the fact that some monitors have their bass reflex in the back can cause some issues, when compared to the front port solution. Especially because the monitors will be sitting quite close to the wall and unfortunately close to the corner too (can’t anything about it now). Would it be safer to go for front ported speakers in this situation or not?

  • RupertBrown

    I’ve heard people say it doesn’t matter given the omni directional nature of bass however I personally think you are on the right track and I would favor a forward facing port.