This week I share my top 12 tips for studio monitor positioning. You might be surprised by the improvement in sound that can be gained by a little bit of adjustment and testing to find the best placement. The best part about all these tips is they are all free and you can try them out right now. Even if you have had your monitors a long time proper setup is a must!

  • Nick Lucas

    I’m down for the PDF booklet,
    would be really useful to have on hand and to help out friends :)

  • Patrick Casey

    I also would like that.  Thanks!

  • Lizardprince1

    me 2

  • I.G.

    and me

  • Ressha


  • float23

    Great wisdom here, would love a series on this, also a pdf!!!!

    Really enjoying the dsp project podcasts!


  • Malvina and Carabas Barabas

    Come on, Guys! Pleeease!  If u can`t figure out, on your own! , how to use monitors- just never buy them in the first place and stay away from music creation forever : u will do great favour to Music. This marvellous site for creative musicians, not inept, lazy “boat anchors”. Pleeeeease! Do not slow DSP down , let him shine. 
    P.S. For those who already got monitors by mistake: just unclog ears and stay in the same room with monitors. That`s the best u will do anyway.
                            My respect and admiration to Sir DSP .
                                         Malvina and Carabas Barabas

  • Matt


    The offer for the PDF would be awesome given the pics and everything you’ve done for the video – Great work and really appreciate your time and energy online in this space – your contributions are greatly appreciated

  • Fjuka

    more on acoustics would be great!!

  • Anchor # 421

    yes, more on acoustic would be great and … may be .. some rudimentary of thermodynamics and hmm … basics of basics of carpentry… yaa… that would be great – U never know what will come handy down the road…  i`m sort of deaf- so definitely pdf is awesome. Thanks a lot!
                                                                                           Anchor # 421

  • Dmccullo

    Awesome Info as all ways thanks so much!

  • Samtaylor066

    Great video…pdf please!

  • Justin

    What about the difference between the monitors sitting upright compared to being laid sideways? 

  • Anonymous

    This has a lot to do with the speaker design its self. With the PMC’s they are designed to be upright, with a larger horizontal sound stage then vertical. So in my case it would be a no go, however many are fine. It very common place to see people laying them down, potentially to get the tweeter as low as the ear.

  • Getakshat

    great video.. I am in process of placing my monitors genelecs 8030s and also making home made stuff for acoustic treatment.. would appreciate your inputs on acoustic treatment.. Besides, if at all i cannot place monitors too far away from front and side walls, can i compensate for the same by putting extra acoustic pads there?

  • RupertBrown

    Yes you can but if you have limited treatment take care of the first reflection points first before worrying about boundary interference. Also keep in mind these 12 points are best case scenarios its normal to not be able to meet them all.

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  • fuckoff

    suck a dick hitler

  • Flum

    Nice video. I managed to get most of it right on my own, but I got some good tips from this video to improve it a bit more. Especially the subwoofer placement trick was something I have never thought of. :)

  • Tatsu Jones

    very good, thank you!

  • Joey Seno

    Great tips, im looking forward to the pdf file

  • Sound Dr

    Thanks for making my music sound right!!! pdf please!!!

  • RVS Hoguera

    Great video! But how would you place your screen? Most people say outside the Triangle, and i get that, but won’t your screen block some sound? i’ve got a 37 inch sony bravia lcd screen and i’m thinking about putting it on a stand behind the triangle, but i’m afraid it wil cause soundblock or take on more vibrations because it would be on another stand..

  • RupertBrown

    The TV isnt going to block anything important if your speakers are closer to your ears then the screen. I haven’t done the testing myself but I have been told that the best position for a TV on a stand is flush with the edges of the speakers. So the TV runs along a line between each speakers closest edge.
    Does that make sense?

  • RVS Hoguera

    Thanks for the answer! i’m gonna try putting it on a stand flush with the edges like you said and keep placing it further away, and see if i can hear some changes.

  • RupertBrown

    Great, let me know how you get on. I would be interested to hear about your findings.

  • Kjell

    Is it a bad thing or does it matter that my speakers are the same length of the side walls as they are apart from each other (about 80 cm/31.5 inch)?
    They do are farther from the front (over 90 cm/35.4 inch) and back walls as the side walls though.

  • Michael

    If you are using monitors like KRK Rokits with front facing ports can they be closer to the wall behind them?

  • Michael

    Oh, and I’d like the pdf as well.

  • Rheo

    I’d like to get the .pdf, too.

  • Richard

    Thanks. Yes please to the pdf.

  • JimB

    what happened to the PDF idea?

  • RupertBrown

    Not enough people asked for it at the time. Keep in mind this video is 3 years old now, I’m afraid I dont think I still have these renders.


  • Shaun

    Rupert, I have a tough room to mix in being that its the only place I could set up my new studio in our new place… still yet to treat the walls/corners with bass traps, but currently my room sounds pretty horrible. In mix position my bass response is almost non existent. I definitely have flutter echos, comb filtering, the whole 9, but Id like your 2 cents on what I could try to do at the moment to improve my monitoring experience right now. Attached is a photo to show what I have to deal with. Its basically a naked square box of comb filtering death at the moment.

  • RupertBrown

    Oh dear…
    That does look like a square which is not good news. Have you thought about investing in a good pair of headphones?
    I’m afraid I don’t have any magic answers for you buddy, just jam in as much treatment as you can.

  • Shaun

    Thanks for the feedback Rupert. I have a couple pairs of Sony MDR-7506′s… best thing i got. They do a decent job but I dont like to reference that way for too long.

  • Chris DeRiso

    I want to put the Yamaha HS8s I’ve got coming on top of the PA speakers you see in the picture. As you can see the area behind my computer is oddly shaped with windows and a door. Also will the blinds, if they are slightly open defuse the sound properly?

  • Chris DeRiso

    not sure why the picture isn’t coming up??/Users/ChrisDeRiso/Downloads/10582214_10100151282540556_1544425826_o.jpg

  • kh

    hope you doing well

    here is my room map, i have Yamaha Hs8 and producing EDM, i want to know the best placement for my desk in this room,its not that big…but its what i have right now

    so it would be great help to let me know where is the best place for my desk , the i want to calibrate my speaker in that position ,(i notice that 70 SPL is even high for me,if anyone can help with that too would be great

    love n peace

  • MetalTeK

    Great video! Thanks for the valuable info!

  • Andres

    The position of the speakers is relative. In the graphics if you are seating in the computer, the speakers can not be on the desk, they need to be behind the desk because the man is not touching the keyboard, when touching the keyboard you are not in the triangle any more, so is unrealistic. Then, each person ears is different, in my case I need to have the speakers more towards the side since my own ears are not good to listen from the front, so I have to compensate. Move your own ears a bit and see where you listen better.

  • Steven G. Wellington

    You say to use your own ears when deciding placement? How do you know when it sounds right? When does it sound how it’s supposed to sound?

  • Willa Porter

    I looove anything that’s free! So grateful for these free tips on monitor placement. I’m a total noob to studio monitoring so there’s so much stuff I have yet to learn. Will try these out one by one and see if it improves anything. I recently got a new pair of studio speakers with the help of this
    guide on studio speakers
    . I was originally thinking of getting the KRK Rokit 5 monitoring speakers since they’re very popular, but I decided to get the Yamaha HS7 instead. Works really well for me I think, but if these tips could make it even better it’d be awesome!