You can find Prism Sound converters in most of the big name professional mastering and recording studios here in London so its fair to say I was pretty excited when the courier delivered to me Prim’s premium quality firewire audio interface the Orpheus. Not wanting to make life too easy for it I put it up against Bryston’s DBA-1 to see if the Digital to Analog conversion was as good as everybody says.

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  • Studiorebellion

    Good no nonsense review of a great product.You should be on TV!

    Regarding the Orpheus your observations are spot on. I am using it with an Audient Asp2802 and it’s a phenominal conbination for a small project studio.



  • Robert

    A fine presentation. You didn’t qualify the mic pres as to their quality compared to a competent stand alone mic pre, such as an API, Pacifica, etc.
    Your thoughts?

  • Anonymous

    To be honest my testing of the pres was basic as my studio at the time had no nice mics / instruments to record at the time (I work predominately in the box). I will say they seemed very transparent so you wouldn’t get a character or trademark coloured sound like you do with the likes of API. 
    Thats about all I can give you I’m afraid, hope that helps.

  • Robert

    Rupert, certainly no reflection on you…you seem a fine fellow, and your discussion of features, and your solid presentation was 1st rate! 
    However, (don’t you hate that word/ LOL) it seems quite often that high end mic preamps and compressors are reviewed using $500…and sometimes less microphones.
    I HAVE to assume, someone who can afford an Orpheus can afford premium mics as well.I can assure you, as someone who has beta tested for synthogy, Yamaha steinberg, and others is that cheap mics are the great equalizers…meaning that higher end studio vocal quality mics, such as neurons, Miktek, Josephson…even the Peluso type clones showcase the differences in mic press to a far better extent, and thus differences are far more discernible, than say a limited bandwidth SM 57 Shure.You are not alone as regards this sort of thing.I’m sure you’ve seen Russ Longs reviews. I know him personally, and you can bet if he says he’s running Coles, Neumann 47′s, etc, you can believe it.To me, it just makes the review more credible.Other than the vocalist, guitarist, etc, it STARTS WITH THE MIC.Just my $.02.5

  • Anonymous

    Yep I totally agree with you Robert which is why I didn’t say much on the pres in my review. I come from a mastering / electronic background so to be honest tracking is not my strong suit / Im not setup for it.

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  • Rahul Raj

    Hey awesome review… :)
    can you also post some audio samples comparing it with other interfaces,so we can also get a taste of the orpheus sound.

  • RupertBrown

    In the middle of a studio build atm so everything is boxed up, will think about doing something when the new studio is in full swing.

  • Bev bevan

    Awesome review. Wish I could speak that well.

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    What an excellent review. I too wish I could speak that well.

    Cheers!I own one and just love it. It serves two purposes. It sits on my mastering buss and doubles as the perfect remote AD mic-pre combo.