@djpetermorgan asks “In your monitor series, will you be talking about the foam pads you can buy to put under your monitors and what they do?” First a bit of theory on the problems that come from not decoupling your studio monitors from your desk. Then we will be talking about a few of the different things you can stick under your monitors including foam acoustic isolation pads, speaker spikes or cones, speaker stands and finally the Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizer. Weighing in at double the price of a standard foam isolation pad what makes it so special?

Also I forgot to mention in the video that speakers stands vibrate and cause noise too (even when spiked) but as they aren’t a large flat surface its less disruptive. But still worth decoupling your monitors from your stands.

  • Aaronsuspect

     Does sound a bit like a sales pitch… You’re in no way related to PrimAcoustic?

  • Bertolt

    Fantastic review as always. Do you think using both recoil stabilizers and stands makes sense? What about filling the stands with sand?

  • Anonymous

    I think using both makes sense, stands can still vibrate / resonate and yes sand will help as well.

  • Anonymous

    Let me be crystal clear on this one.

    Primacoustic have sponsored the studio monitor series. This means they get their logo at the begining of each episode and we give away some of the product as a prize. Thats it.

    I have no other affilation with them.

    Maybe mixing the theory with the review comes accross a little “infomercialy” but as they are so relevant to each other it just made sense. I havent been posting a video every week for over a year just to start selling some speaker pads. I take my honesty/transparency VERY SERIOUSLY as I believe The DSP Project would worth nothing with out it.

    So believe me when I say I can hear a difference, I honestly think this is a great product. If someone has something better, send it in, ill listen first and if I think its better I will say so.

    Sorry for the rant, this is a fair question. Its just this is a very important point to me.


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  • Anonymous

    When speaking about Primacoustic pads, you did not mention
    whether to use primacoustic pads if the monitor speakers are on monitor
    stands. I have one metal stand and one wooden stand. Could I get away with just using the foam as with Auralex pads?

    Also one more question: Should I pad the entire speaker front to back with a pad covering the entire bottom of the speaker?

    Thank you, Reuben

  • Anonymous

    Hey Reuben,
    See my notes in the comments re:stands. I think decoupling is less critical when using stands however some improvement can be had. I wouldn’t recommend using odd stands but Auralex and stands should be fine.

    You dont need all the speaker covered but most.

    Hope that helps.