In Part 2 of our interview with Peter Thomas (chief designer and founder of PMC) we continue our talk on speaker design including materials used by other manufactures. We break news of PMCs new warranty and find out about the next generation of PMC monitors nobody else knows about yet!

  • Malvina

    Thank U Sir! We really liked ” Papa Carlo and Pinoccios” series. Still hoping for Abletone Alive tuts and super APC “ Demons” With love and respect, Malvina and Carabas Barabas

  • Fredscuddy2

    Hey Rupert, uhmm, I’ve been patiently waiting for a new tutorial, but unfortunately for me it’s been three months. I keep checking every week ’cause that was the reason why this site was so awesome. Interviews are good, but what happened to the tutorials?

  • Anonymous

    Fair play, I hear you loud and clear the consensus seems to be that the
    people want tutorials and reviews more. This monitor series has produced
    more content then I had initally expected, so I got a couple more to go
    first. But then you will see a lot more tutorials and reviews coming.

    Thank you for the feedback it helps keep DSP on track, as we really dont know what content people enjoy the most.

    REALLY appreciated!

  • Anonymous

    See above, more tuts on the way!