Learn how to have different effect settings for each clip using only 1 instance of the effect. This will save you CPU power and help you refine your live set while still leaving you free perform spontaneously. This is a fidgety technique but the extra prep will payoff come show time.

  • Philipp

    Hi Rupert,

    cool, I definitly need to dig deeper into that envelope thing… it seems to be the solution to a lot of probs in Live.

    CU Philipp

  • RupertBrown

    Yeah there is a lot of power in the envelopes, both per clip and for automating over an entire track.

  • Uncle Bully

    Rupert, one of my robots has lost an arm. is it to stink to fashion a new one out of a pipe cleaner and paper clip?

  • Cling

    Hi excellent tutorial it made another one that I have seen make perfect sense. Instead of mapping the envelope to the actual loop you can set up dummy clips each with a different setting for beat rpt in the envelopes and then just fire them off with the APC 40. The first dummy clip would be set to dry (chance 0%) so that you can launch this one when you don't want the effect, or you could still map the chance to a midi controller as you did in your tutorial and then you would not need the dummy clip.

  • RupertBrown

    Thanks Cling,
    Good point, dummy clips are another option that I don't use allot in my sets but can offer some unique ways to control parameters and automation.

    Looking back I thought I might have gone a bit over board chasing the CPU efficiency at the expense of practicality on this one. However as you've just pointed out even if you don't use this exact technique learning how it works will help to solve other problems/grow new ideas later on.

    Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for taking the time to comment.

  • RupertBrown

    nah bro should be sweet as long as it doesn't have to hold a laser cuz lasers are heavy as.


  • Dick Benson

    This sort of tutorial is why I’m so happy at the moment. It’s a steep and slippy learning curve, but you’ve helped loads. I’m not getting much sleep and my wife is beginning to wonder who the bloke living in her house is, but it’s worth it!  Thanks Rupert d’-'b

  • Anonymous

    Ha ha classic!