This week I show you how I have setup my Launchpad fx section. To me cutting audio out can be just as expressive as adding more in, so I have put together a few tools for doing just that. There are many different ways to set this up, having just recorded this I can already see ways to improve it but it should at lease give you some ideas.

  • Rishabh

    Excellent tutorial. The possibilites are endless with such mappings. Can't wait to see more tutorials on the Launchpad.

  • Abletonrocks

    Liked your vids and you got me to reinstall automap. Is there a work around to fix midi feedback (for the lights). I'm using lights to see where I've used battery 3. It is very helpful in the dark as well as adding a visual component. I then jump into auto map and I get feedback. I'm sure there is a way to shift it to different channels.

    I have a few questions
    Also how do I add pages to a specific channel in automap.
    Are the other types of pages like FX, Inst, etc for other novation midi devices.

    Must day Great job on the production value of your videos. Nice touch!

    Would love to see more vids on the LP

    Thanks again for the info…

  • Jedho

    thanks for the tips.. more launch pad stuff please!

  • Lamptonworm

    Great videos :) by the way, for me User 2 + DOWN flips modes, one less finger than User 1 + User 2 + DOWN.

  • Slaughterbrains

    Great vids i think momentary controls have just made my life a lot easier, i should really read the manuals

  • RupertBrown

    Dude dont know how I missed this comment. Your totally right, good work!

  • Lowfatradio

    These Launchpad videos and the work you are doing with ableton are amazing! Please keep them coming. You certainly have my support.

  • Calen

    nice vid thx! btw how was the reverse fx achieved?

  • RupertBrown

    With this little bad boy: SupaTrigga –;-)

  • kena

    I love these videos they are amazing, so helpful, any chance of any more. keep up the good work, really good site

  • Agent Orange NYC

    Super helpful!! Thank you.

  • flow

    Thanks! Hard to find information here

  • Nomaly

    This whole series has been great. Thank you!

  • Jondunc

    Great videos. Would all of this work with a live input (vocal)?

  • Anonymous

    Sure will, this is just a control system so it can be applied to anything in live.

  • Spamandritz

    You just convinced me to buy a launchpad. These videos are amazing, I know I’m way late with this, but amazing job!!

  • Gianby

    hi…your videos are real helpfoul.
    can u explain how the reverse effect is made?
    thank u so mutch

  • Anonymous

    A plugin called SupaTrigga, its a “auto glitch” plug I just turn the reverse probability up to 100% and everything else to 0. 

  • Cameron Bren

    Do you know how to make a simple fader/slider using one row of the launchpad in automap? I want to control a fader in another software and can’t seem to find away to do this.

  • RupertBrown

    I am only really experienced with using the LP in Live so I dont know the answer for sure, what program are you using?

  • Tomas

    how do i set an entire row to control the value of a knob on live? 
    thanks a lot, this videos are great!

  • RupertBrown

    When mapping hold down the far left pad then press the far right pad.

  • Austin P

    Hey there Rupert, so I have now watched all of these Launchpad videos and I am very curious as to what effect you are using that is controlled by MIDI cc #75 and you do it around 6:56 to 7:00 in the video, where it sort of gradually slows down the track synced to the beat. I really found this neat so I was hoping to find out! :)

  • RupertBrown

    There is two things going on here, down the bottom left is the phaser sound. And the CC#75 is just a clip launch of the same clip at a different start point. As per my launchdrum video:

  • cina

    how can one donate to the DSP project?

  • RupertBrown

    What a fantastic question :-)
    I have put a donate button on the side bar. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Kevin Michael Prier

    Thanks for the great vids. I have such an appreciation for AutoMap now! What a great tool. Although it seems that it would be most valuable in a live situation. In the studio it kind of hinders me because I spend a lot of time programming the launchpad and don’t get much producing done. I end up in arrangement view a lot for the same reason and sort of skip session view or use it as a place to hold all my samples. Any tips on how to incorporate the launchpad into your production workflow?

  • Kevin Michael Prier


  • Kevin Michael Prier

    I think that stutter effect would be great on a vocal. And the ability to control it in real time makes it way more expressive.

  • RupertBrown

    Thank you, thats very awesome of you.