How to get fine control of your faders and effects on the launchpad. No more chunky steps just good old 127 increment midi adjustment. Also how to setup a reset for any parameter the same way the native mixer mode resets the pans and sends etc.

I know you could get hold down control using a 3rd party app like Bome’s Midi Translator (which would be a nice touch) but I wanted to use only Live and Launchpad with out another program people would need to pay for.

  • Fjukamusic

    This one was really good!! It would be really nice to see all the stuff form the past videos used in a live set.Thanks for the video… keep them coming!

  • nordmach

    Hey I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say these “Launchpad” tuts are totally fantastic!!!!

  • RupertBrown

    Thanks guys, yep we will have to pull it all together soon…

  • Bearkak

    excellent vids been trying to figure out how to do this on my launchpad for a while now. cheers

  • RupertBrown

    No problem, this weeks episode was sposed to be on my Launchpad fx setup but all the USB ports on my MBP have just died. More LP stuff coming later on though!

  • Adrian

    Definitely looking forward to more LP vids

  • zach

    Just watched all of the launchpad videos, they are extremely helpful! I had written off Automap as not terribly useful, but it was exactly what I was looking for! (user 1 + user 2 + down arrow? wouldn't have figured that out!) Thanks very much and I hope there are more of them to help me get the most out of my Launchpad. That said, now that I know how Automap works, the Nocturn's looking pretty nice…

  • RupertBrown

    Thanks zach!
    Im glad the vids have helped you out. Yes more to come, not this week im afraid but soon enough so stay tuned (that doesn't even make sense in this medium).

  • Larry Heilman

    Great video ! Very helpful info. Please show us more about Launchpad. I like launchpad (that is what got me started with Ableton Live8) but the information about using it in user modes is not there. Any tips on where to find more information about using it?
    Thank you !

  • RupertBrown

    Cheers mate. Sadly LP info is hard to come buy, but I'm trying my best to fix that! My only other suggestion for more info would be to dig into the Ableton forums: If you find any golden nuggets let me know, good luck!

  • nesta

    Really getting alot from the launchpad videos, keep them coming. Great work!!!!

  • Elusive

    This is all great info, thanks.

  • mark r

    thanks man, big love

  • Claus

    Great! Now wouldn’t it be useful if you could just hold the pad (or even toggle maybe) and it would automatically go from 127 to 0 in increments of 1 with a set speed? Programming maybe?
    cheers for this awesome website anyway. :)

  • Anonymous

    Its not quite the same but if your looking for an automatic fx envelope check this out:

  • Paul_clews

    These videos made me decide to buy the launchpad, it looks a lot of fun, wondering if theres any way you can use the lauchpad to display a graphic equaliser?


  • Paul_clews

    To be honest youd be better off plugging in an Akia LPD8 and using its rotary controllers for incremental stuff, theyre only £40 here in the UK, great little controllers and would look awsome set up with the launchpad!

  • Anonymous

    If you can be bothered with Max:

  • James

    I have an update for the 8band eq :) with a button to chang dsp settings. now you can change the input that the launchpad monitors

  • Paul

    hi im using the 8 band eq now but am getting a lot of distortion when i turn up the eq, whys that happening m8? my soundcard is a x-fi xtreme music

  • Anonymous

    Hey James, nice to have you over here :-)

  • Anonymous

    Are any of the channels going into the red? Try turn the master fader in live down and your monitors up, does this make a difference?

  • Paul

    hi, its more of an echoing sound i get

  • Lukas

    This stuff is so good, mate, keep it up.

  • Deppeowner

    Now I KNOW I’m buying one.

  • Tomas

    how do i set an entire row to control the value of a knob on live? 
    thanks a lot, this videos are great!

  • RupertBrown

    When mapping hold down the far left pad then press the far right pad.

  • N8000

    I’m revisiting this tutorial. I’m having the same problems I had when I first attempted this.
    It seems these controls are easier to set up on an mac vs windows pc.
    Simply trying to set two pads each to “step” (same cc#) and then “from:127-To:0″ and vice versa is a struggle. I’m stuck wondering if any other windows users having issues with this setup….after I wrestle theses parameters into place, when I go to assign them in abletons midi mode, these settings are treated the same way the native user 2 mode…I’m lost and not even sure if this issue makes sense…I’m going to keep trying though.
    Either way, I genuinely think this tutorial is genius.
    Thanks Rupert B.

  • poboyz

    were can i download auto map 3.4.1

  • RupertBrown

    Not sure, I would ask Novation. Not feeling the current version?