This week I show you one of the best ways to cut up drumloops during a live performance. This setup can be done on other controllers however the Launchpad layout works really well with it. One of the great things about this is you can set it to your own percussion competency level, from seasoned pro drummer to first timer. And I think it would be just as much fun for either.

Also I want to mention the release of Throwing Hammers Vol 3 from Kilotone which my main musical outlet, If you like a bit of darkness check it out.

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  • Fjukamusic

    More launchpad videos would be really nice!so far the 2 videos have been really helpfull

  • jonathan harker

    me too! want more!!! great stuff! cheers!

  • Tim

    Great LaunchPad videos… Could you go in depth how to use the LaunchPad as a monome? and to use the launchPad as a instrument instead of just as a midicontroller..
    Thanks again for the very nice and easy to understand videos… good work

  • Kevin

    Good video, it helped me. thanks man.

  • RupertBrown

    Tribe has spoken, more Launchpad videos to come!

  • Adrian

    i got a fever…
    …more launchpad

  • Duane Vick

    That's handy dandy. Realizing there's lots of uses for automap with the launchpad. More please.

  • Scott

    Awesome info! Thanks! I would love to see a video on how to do visual feedback with faders in the future! :)

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  • Neil Whitlock

    I just got my Launchpad yesterday and I got a lot of great tips on setup! great job of making the tutorials as clear cut and understandable as possible.

    I would like to suggest a series of set up tutorials with various software not just live.
    One of the reasons I got mine was to be able to use in on as many different platforms as I can (Traktor, Reason, VST's etc.)

  • RupertBrown

    Hey Neil,
    Glad the videos are helping. Good suggestion, I want The DSP Project to feature more D.A.Ws in general. I can tell you that I am starting to talk with a few bright guys to try and get some Logic and Reason videos up (last time I touched reason was v1). That said its still early days yet so Ive already said too much…

  • Romain Delga

    Thanks a lot ! Thats really useful.
    Please post much more launchpad videos !

  • Tone

    The launch pad vidz are cool. I'm now thinking of buying one and making a switch from PTools & Cubase to ableton.

    Everything I've watched so far is useful, big thanks m8.

  • Jedho

    help!! what operating system are you using? i have snow leopard and can't count the number of problems i'm having. never mind the constant crashing of live, when i try to follow this tutorial, ableton maps the slots to the wrong buttons on the pad.. auto map seems to work fine, the right areas light up when i push the buttons on the pad. as i try to map the clips to buttons on the pad, ableton ask to cancel previous assignment, then assigns tonal range for one clip to a couple of keys, a couple of keys activate the same clip, and some keys do nothing. what the f#$k? i couldn't even get the 1st tutorial of this series to work right. i have the key on pad set to momentary, and it is, but when i assign that button on pad to power on effect, it toggles the power even though the pad and auto map say/act like it's on momentary. i've heard backing up to leopard instead of snow leopard may help. any thoughts? anyone?
    seriously pissed.
    (Ableton 8.1.5, Mac Book 2.16ghz intel core duo, 2gb ram, osx 10.6.3, novation launch pad, novation remote sl, korg nano kontrol)

  • RupertBrown

    Hey jedho, sorry to hear your having so much trouble. I am using the latest install of snow leopard and live 8 and I have found it to be stable. I don't think you should have to roll back to leopard. Are you using a template with midi mappings? I've had some templates cause trouble. Try rolling back to live opening a blank set.
    Also make sure your LP is plugged in before opening live with the supplied USB cable.
    I'm not on my computer now but with regards the clips not mapping sounds like your automap page is not using cc values make sure your on a page with (or change to) cc values shown for the buttons.

    Have a look and get back to me, good luck!

  • Jedho

    thanks rupert. so i updated sl, updated automap, i don't know how to set a template, but thought hitting clear all controls in the lp pref tab would clear any templates out. heh heh, oops.
    so i reinstalled automap, hoping to fix the prob. now i'm not sure whats going on. not really working at all, pads not lit up, user 2 light blinking, when i push that the whole board lights up for a sec and then everything goes dark. if i quit automap, everything works fine (sess, u1, u2, and mixer). if i open auto map up again, the pad goes dark. oh, i see, i can get into inst. fx and user modes, inst. and fx. both say “there are no control maps assigned to this group. user offers me the choice of ch1 or ch2 but no buttons are lit and when i push u1 on lp, the whole pad goes dark again….well you get the idea. is there any way to reset? by the way, the cc values offered are not all cc values, most of them have “NO11, NO12″ etc. they start with NO11 in the top left corner and increase l-r, top to bottom. ???
    still crashing.

  • Jedho

    ok, i dug a little more. for some reason the whole first page of the user mode is set to note values. if is use one of the other pages, things seem to work fine except lights don't work, thing looks like it's about short out. keys light up for a second when pushed but other than that, pad is dark.
    any ideas?

  • Jedho

    sorted it out. except for 1st page in user mode set to note values. leave it alone or manually change to cc?
    thanks again.

  • RupertBrown

    Glad you got on top of it. Personally I just use a page that is already set up with CC values but there is nothing to stop you bending it to your will. If your worried about changing the automap config you can save it before modifying.

  • bechwis

    Hi Jedho, I have the same problem. Could you please explain what you've done to solve this?

  • Jedho

    hi bechwis. which of the many problems are you referring to? i have about 3 posts here. i did have to delete everything out of my default set as this had many assignments from different pieces of hardware. i also updated auto map, osx, and live (i think i was 1 behind in all of them). i don't use page 1 for these special functions as all the keys are preset to note values. i just scroll right with the arrows at top to page 2 and set things up there. my board doesn't light up like ruperts (it's brighter, like every key is on) but other than that everything seems to work fine. mostly. I've just noticed the volume slider on my novation sl triggers a couple of the drum loops. (this is my second board by the way, the first was very problematic, got it replaced. )

  • Julius Santana

    Really helpfull. Is there gonna be some new adv LanchPad tuts soon?

  • RupertBrown

    New LaunchPad videos? Yes
    Soon? Not so much
    I want to give the APC20 a little love so your going to have to savor the first 4 advanced LP videos. But don't worry I have ideas for more advanced LP action so stick with me.

  • Koudee

    Thanks for the videos Rupert. I'm definitley going to request more launchpad videos these guides are a big help, I can't seem to find this information any where else on the net.



  • BOM

    More launchpad videos please!!! These are great thank you so much!

  • Heartworm

    would love more launchpad tutorials… especially in making effects sequencers ala aurex's templates… (google it)… great stuff(!!!) thanks for the great and inforative videos(!!!)
    san francisco, california, usa

  • RupertBrown

    Hes making some cool stuff alright. Will put it on my huge (and ever growing) list of stuff to research next year. Thanks for showing me this!

  • Juniordust

    I'm having a whole lot of issues with my Launchpad.. I have downloaded the latest drivers and updated my Automap and are using ableton 8 lite. I have set the have set the control surface and the midi input and output to Launchpad. The launchpad is detected. I've tried to midi asign a random buttom in Abletons “edit midi map” and it worked fine. But it is like the inbuilt settings are not there.
    First off there are no red outline of the grid you are suppose to be handling ? And when you open Ableton either the session buttom or the mixer buttom on the LP blinks. If I push the user2, it starts blinking and the two left top buttoms of the grid lights up red. very strange…
    Non of the clips I have tryed draggin into the session seems to be loaded.
    The “down” buttom works as view – so clearly there are somekind of connection between both the computer and the LP, but also between the LP and automap..
    I don't know what Automap HUI is ? but I tried that aswell.. which led to almost the whole grid lite up red and teh mixer buttom blinking? :)

    It would be amazing with some help.

  • Juniordust

    By the way…
    nice videos… looking forward to getting more into the actual fun parts of the LP

  • RupertBrown

    hmmmm….. I hate questions like this, I want to help but without it in front of me to play with its hard to give you much advice as I havent had this problem myself. Seems strange your not getting the red box, you have set launchpad under control surface, input and output at the top of your midi settings?
    If I understand your saying the samples you drag into session view arnt loading? This seems weird and shouldnt have anything to do with the controller. Does the problem exisit if the controler is removed from the settings?
    I would say at this stage forget about automap, infact uninstall it for now. If possible the next thing I would do is try and install the LP on another computer to see if its a problem with the LP itself or the setup of yout computer. What computer are you using?

  • INki Druifty Cassetta

    Lovve this tutorials they are really helpfull , i already have an idea how to set up effects and everything, unfortunetly i have a problem i wish you could help. Well i did every single step of your tutorials, the effects rack is fine, my problem is when i assign loops, like you did, i try but my LP gets crazy, it is really simple but for some reason when a assign them the launchpad stop working. i delete the maping and it start to work again. any idea?

  • RupertBrown

    dude I need a bit more info then “gets crazy” and “stops working”. Are you saying the clips launch with a mouse but not with the LP?

  • Yosabbylo

    More Launchpad Videos!

  • Paul_clews

    Hi rupert yea would love for you to make a video on showing me how to play more than 8 loops at any one time if thats possible, ie: press one pad to start a loop and same pad to stop it (all 64 pads have loops assigned to them), at the moment i can only manage to have 8 loops playing together on sesssion view



  • Danny Lebsock

    Hi Rupert,
    I love your show, and recently got a launchpad.

    Is there anyway to save the drum launch mode as the default user 2? To avoid having to push User 1+User 2+ Down arrow, to switch to this mode from session view

  • Anonymous

    Turns out you only need user 2 + down to switch modes. But to your question I dont think you can change the function of the mode buttons as I understand it they are “hardwired” to their functions. I will double check this next time Im on the LP.

  • MkC

    Nice work man, tunning in from Bogota,Colombia!! Please keep the launchpad shows comming!!!!  Could you do a show on how you would do a set up for a live gig? Cheers!

  • Anonymous

    Colombia, nice!Thats not a bad idea for a little series actually, I might have a think on that one…
    Thanks for watching.

  • Deselance

    Can anyone help me please, I’ve managed to set up the Midi Keyboard Lights on my Novation Launchpas (Using Massive as the Plugin)… So User 1 For a Piano Roll works fine… I also have the lights on Session and Mixer … But with User2 (which im using for Midi Mapping) the lights won’t show…

    For instance , i added a midi mapping to a LFO Macro coming from massive and used C2 : G2 to give it slider effect. But it doesnt show lights.. Anyone know how i can light up my midi mapped macros ?

  • Anonymous

    Midi feedback over a range isn’t natively supported… however this video shows how it can be achieved :-)

  • Anonymous

    Midi feedback over a range isn’t natively supported… however this video shows how it can be achieved :-)

  • Dannorizzo

    What is that page at 1:40 that reads channel 1 Novation? 

  • Anonymous

    Its the Automap HUD. You can download automap from the novation website.

  • Austin P

    More Launchpad videos! Even after all that we have! :D

  • Andrew

    I want to emulate Ableton Push’s note mapping with my Launchpad. Is there a good way to create custom note mappings within Live for User 1 mode? I dragged instruments into 64 slots in a drum rack and modified the MIDI pitch effect for each, but that ended up taking up too much memory (and crashing Live). Is there a better way to do this?

  • RupertBrown

    You can create a custom page using automap, you will have to manually map each pad but then you can jump into it and play anything.