As I start digging into the launchpad I am trying to create a fun setup for playing with drum loops live. To achieve this I really needed momentary CC control values on some pads, as oppose to the default toggle behavior.
In order to set this up we need to use Novation’s Automap software. All the reading I could find pointed to me having to choose either the native Launchpad configuration (with session mode etc.) OR the Automap configuration to get my momentary controls. However this is not the case! There is a way to switch between the two different setups on the fly. If you have a Launchpad and dont know how to do this I highly recommend you check out this episode!

UPDATE: Big thanks to Lamptonworm for pointing out “User 2 + DOWN flips modes, one less finger than User 1 + User 2 + DOWN.”

  • Kevin

    Thanks a lot Rupert! Your last three video's are like ya took it to another level. Very pro and a better description of Automap than Novation gave in their video. Your right it is hard to find launchpad info right now, especially tutorials. Hope you make lots more, hope other people do too. One Request, it would be so cool if you could get Alvaro Lopez to do a video about “Programing Syncopation and Polyrhythms in a Sequencer” to a 4/4 beat? That video would be the bomb, especially because of his time spent in Cuba. Maybe a little explanation on Ragtime, Jazz and early Cuban music (Rumba, Cha Cha Cha etc…). Basically how to play a little before and a little after the beat. Peace from Vancouver.

  • RupertBrown

    Thanks Kevin,
    Thats a great suggestion for another episode and I'm happy to report Alvaro said he would be keen to come back on the show. So stay tuned and I will try get him back on to give us some more in depth info on different rhythm styles.

  • Nolan_jake

    Sweet videos, love the work! just a quick question, i'm having problems getting my launchpad to work. When configuring in the preferences menue of ableton, the dropdown menue in the control surface tab doesnt display 'launchpad'; however it displays it in the input and output section.

  • RupertBrown

    Ok so the basics first:
    1) Have you got the latest novation USB driver?
    2) Is your Live install up to date?
    3) Are you pluging the LP in BEFORE opening live? (not doing so can cause problems)

    Let me know if yes to all these ands still having trouble and I will try and replicate the problem at my end.

  • Sonic Trends

    Hi Rupert,
    I followed all the steps, but there seems to be a problem. While on the automap interface, the pad works in the momentary mode, but at the same time… on ableton it is stuck on toggle mode. So basically automap interface is showing momentary, but the effects that i have mapped are still working in toggle mode.
    Any idea whats going on?
    Btw i am using automap 3.5 standard with ableton live 8.2

    I tried doing this unsuccessfully though. While the momentory mode seems to work fine on the automap interface… or at least shows that its working fine, but in ableton itself it still works in the toggle mode.
    Any idea whats going on

  • Ahmedselim

    Great video! I am new to the Launchpad and was wondering, would this allow you to use the launchpad with another application? I am using live and Traktor pro, I was wondering if you can use the launchpad in midi mode, and then switch over to automap as indicated in the video, once your in automode, would you be able to switch apps and use it with Traktor?

  • RupertBrown

    hmmm not sure. In your midi setup try this:
    Control Surface + Input + Output set to Launchpad

    Midi ports
    Input: Launchpad input = Track – Remote (on)
    Input: Automap MIDI = Track – Remote (on)
    Output: Launchpad output = Track – Remote (on)

    Always start live with the LP already plugged in, if your still having trouble try starting with a completely blank template with no mappings (if your not already).
    Let me know how you get on.

  • Lowfatradio

    Hi Rupert, Is there any way in automap user mode to turn the red LED's off so that they only stay on (in toggle mode) or go on then off (in momentary mode)?

    Thank you so much for these videos far better than novation themselves

  • RupertBrown

    Hey Lowfatradio,
    Not exacty. As you know they are dim and light up when hit as the default behavour and if there is no parameter mapped to the pad LED will go off but of course it wont respond to being hit. I dont know of any way round this off the top of my head but if stuble upon anything I will let you know.

  • RupertBrown

    Hey Ahmedselim,
    Sorry I didnt reply to this comment, thought I had. Well in answer to your question yes you can use the LP with tracktor I havent done it myself but I have seen dudes doing it. Its quite flexible bit of kit, I saw a dude using it to control a lighting rig in a theater the other day.

  • Lowfatradio

    Thanks Rupert!!

  • Dj_ice_burg

    Awesome video! Is there any way to change the color of the leds? Default is red and I want to be able to change the color so I can organize my map.

  • RupertBrown

    Hey Ice Burg,
    Havent done it yet but stay tuned as I am going to dig into this early this year when I get back to the UK.

  • Sec-Def

    awesome toturial brother. very helpfull keep up the good work!

  • Gtrfan666

    I'm looking for something to control MIDI program changes globally. Guitar pre-amps, MIDI lights, loops and samples. Can this do that?

  • Sexton

    Thanks so much man excellent tutorial.

  • Otis T

    “To achieve this I really needed monetary CC control values on some pads, as oppose to the default toggle behavior.”
    I think you mean MOMENTARY (as in temporary, or in the moment), altho’ we all need some fiscal prudence.
    I would like to thank you and agree with the other comments that your videos are much more thorough than Novation, and improving in production quality. You just could use a copy editor/proofreader. Keep up the good work.

  • Anonymous

    Ha ha ha, yes I do need an editor, my spelling is particularly bad to tell you the truth. Congratulations Otis you got the job! There is no sex, drugs or rock and roll but at least you dont have to pay tax as your never paid :-)

  • Amit Segall

    Wow man that is really great … exactly what i was looking for !  thanks…great site btw :) !

  • Beudo

    thanks man. great info.

  • Jluu

    I followed your steps but somehow ended up with my launchpad keys in a weird set up. The first pad, under the button with the upwards arrow, corresponds to cc#32 in the automap program. Have you encountered this problem before? 

  • Malvina and Carabas Barabas

    Start It Up… I had the same … And weirder still, in cc#33 i got hot ( so hot, her cloths melted away) lady in crisp HD cursing on cc#34 ugly lady also in HD. Ableton crashed. Who wouldn`t ? I started it up-everything back to normal. Cheers
                                                   Malvina and Carabas Barabas

  • Andrew Fuzzby Bierwiler

    One thing to note about the Automap software: The standard free edition only allows one device at a time to be configured. When you upgrade to the pro edition (around $30.00 usd), you can configure multiple devices.
    So say you have a Launchpad and an APC 40 hooked up to your computer. The standard edition will only recognize one of them, and tell you that there is only one device connected. Where the pro edition will see both, and tell you that you have 2 devices connected.

    This however may not be true to some extent, and there may be a work around for that in the standard edition, but I’m only speaking from personal experience from what happened to me between the two versions.

  • Anonymous

    While its true you need PRO for multiple controllers I thought Automap wont recognise the APC40 because its not made by Novation. Automap is a proprietary system for Novation controllers only. Are you saying you got Automap to regiseter your APC40?

  • Anonymous

    I dont think I understand the problem, if you want a different CC value cant you just change it in Automap?

  • timothy

    is that the korg nano kontrol on the table?

  • Malvina and Carabas Barabas

    ” … if U see something – say something ! ”
                                 Malvina and Carabas Barabas

  • Anonymous

    Yes sir, there is a review up on it if your interested:

  • timothy


  • Andrew Fuzzby Bierwiler

    Yes, Automap won’t recognize non Novation products. I don’t own an APC40, I was using that as just an example (forgot the APC40 was Akai and not Novation). It does however recognize the Launchpad and Zero SL MkII (purchased that after your review of it. Fantastic product!). Sorry for any confusion I may have made in my previous post >.>;

  • Stouthart

    No need to press both [user1] AND [user2], [user2] (and [view] of course) is sufficient.

  • david suycott

    just got this device and really appreciate your time and effort with these tutorials! thank you.


  • VDA

    hi rupert, i just bought the launchpad like a week ago. so i started off watching this movie until i ran into some trouble. when i go into the automap mode (user2+down) and i set for example bottom left button to toggle an effect on or off i can’t seem to set it to momentary, even if the automap says momentary it still toggles. another problem i ran into is this one: when i go back to the ‘native’ mode as you call it, back into session mode, it still has the button on the bottom left toggling an effect, even when there was a clip before it suddenly toggles the on or off on the effect. Can you help me with that?

  • RupertBrown

    Hey VDA,
    What version of Automap are you on? Just loaded up 4 myself to refresh my memory but it seems to be quite the redesign… Also are you on the latest version if the Novation USB driver? There are some conflicts with the using the low numbered CC values in automap and whatever controls novation uses in its native mode. To this end I would always use the second page of CC values in automap as it seemed to remove these conflicts. I am not sure about the momentary mode not working, are you saying it doesnt work in Automap mode?

  • Austin P

    Thank you Rupert, this video was quite helpful! I am finding your site to be very helpful for Ableton as well as gear related stuff, eg Launchpad. I was on the fence about getting an apc40 for $200 or a Launchpad for $120. I have a MIDI Keyboard with encoders and faders already so I believe I am sold on a Launchpad, especially after your awesome tutorials! Thank you again! :)


  • RupertBrown

    Glad to help, we are here to help you become even more awesome after all. ;-)

  • Elle

    Huge fan of your Launchpad Tutorial Series! (Among many, apparently!). So I’ve been trying to set up my synth keyboard to be controlled by my launchpad via automap. Now say the sound selected on my keys is made up of 4 different patches. I get that I assign each patch to a different midi channel, and then assign a range of pads to cc# 7 (volume). It works–in that, each range controls the right patch volume–but the problem is that I have actually created 4 different “pages,” Is there a way to group them all on one page? Like my own mixer page? Thanks for your time :)

  • Elle

    I’ve also tried to run it in native mode w/ Ableton Live, but got stuck on trying to set up volume control for each midi part……..i’m hoping there’s a better solution that using a really ginormous audio interface………… :S

  • RupertBrown

    Ok I might be missing the point here but if you have each synth on its own channel in ableton cant you just put the tracks next to each other in the set and use the normal mixer in native mode?

  • the magic in musc

    how the hell do i turn it on

  • RupertBrown

    Your going to have to be more specific if you want some help.

  • Elle

    Sorry, clarification: One synth sound, made up of say, 2 or 3 parts. I would like to control the volume of each part w/ Ableton (as it’s a bit of shuffling to do on hardware). I can send each part to one MIDI track channel, but am not able to control any of their volumes in Ableton. That’s what i’m missing. How to do that. Hope that makes more sense now.

  • Elle

    *i can send each part to their own MIDI track channels…

  • Elle

    And to answer your question: Not at this point of my set up. Right now, I am just sending the signal from my hardware to Ableton MIDI tracks. I can only control volumes if I load sounds from my Ableton bank into those tracks, which deters from what I am trying to accomplish in the first place. So…..maybe I should be asking if you know how to load the sounds of my hardware into Ableton?? Or…not……. :S

  • RupertBrown

    Sorry now I am even more confused. You say you are “sending the signal from my hardware to Ableton MIDI tracks” Which tells me you are sending midi information from your synth into Ableton to trigger software synth(s). But then ask how to load the sound of the hardware into ableton. Which makes me think you are using the synth for audio? Is the hardware synth just working as a midi controller, with all the audio generated inside of Live? If you are going Midi from ableton into the synth you could just use the “Velocity” midi effect on each midi channel then map that to what ever you want on the Launchpad and that should control the level going to each channel?

  • RupertBrown

    Sorry for the late reply, didnt see yours tell now.You still havent made it clear whats making the sound, the hardware? If you are sending midi from live to the synths you could use the “Velocity” midi effect to adjust the balace of each channel.

  • mathieu

    hello, thanks for your tuto… it helps a lot…just want to say that the last update of automapServer change a little bit the way you have to configure the automap mode…for example:

    1)go in software setup>advanced>midi channel….and choose the channel 1 (at least) if you wanna get a dialog between Live and the LP.If you choose many channels, you ‘ll be ask to select one them every time you switch between session/automap mode.(as describe in this great tuto)

    2)if you wanna get this specific “momentary” effect on the pad, you should now choose the second “mapping” page…where you will find the CC assignement… the first page it’s only for note assignement…”momentary ” won’t work the way you expect..

    i’m practicing my launchpad since 4 days, thanks to correct if I say stupid things, and sorry for my poor english….

  • Shany

    When i start my launchpad the directional button only light up NOthing else

  • RupertBrown

    Lets start with the basics:
    1. Install the latest Novation USB driver
    2. Install the latest version of Ableton
    3. Restart the computer, connect the launchpad
    4. Start live, open up the midi settings and make sure they are configured correctly as per novation setup guide.
    95% of the time this gets things working.

  • cameron

    there is another way with a max for live effect called mashinator, it also lets you change the colours