As I start digging into the launchpad I am trying to create a fun setup for playing with drum loops live. To achieve this I really needed momentary CC control values on some pads, as oppose to the default toggle behavior.
In order to set this up we need to use Novation’s Automap software. All the reading I could find pointed to me having to choose either the native Launchpad configuration (with session mode etc.) OR the Automap configuration to get my momentary controls. However this is not the case! There is a way to switch between the two different setups on the fly. If you have a Launchpad and dont know how to do this I highly recommend you check out this episode!

UPDATE: Big thanks to Lamptonworm for pointing out “User 2 + DOWN flips modes, one less finger than User 1 + User 2 + DOWN.”

  • puya

    i watched you automap videos a year ago, but i didn’t like automap. now i need it and after some time i now like it. thanks for the tutorials.

    the problem with the reset of the launchpad is because of live. live refreshes devices after midimapping, because led feedback has to be turned on, etc.

  • Lega


    Just downloade automap (4.7) and when i’m in Live and do User 1 + User 2 + Down arrow, my launchpad goes totally dark and stops reacting; i need to unplug the usb and reconnect so it comes back to life.

    Any clue?

    Tks in advance & great tutorials!! :)

    (on Mac OSX and Live 9)

  • Lega

    Hello! Nice vids!

    Do you know if i can assign a certain Launchpad key to play a certais sample in Native Instrument’s Battery 4?

    I wanted to do that but i simply don’t understand enough about this things :/

    Tks in advance :)

  • RupertBrown

    Have you downloaded and installed the latest Novation LP USB driver?

  • RupertBrown

    I havent used Battery sorry.

  • Sunny Haair

    User 1 mode is mapped to the Battery 4 cells just like a standard Ableton drum rack

  • Lega

    They are, but all mixed up. The top-left button does not play the top-left sample…so there is an unusable order with that distribution.

    Have you really tried it or are you just adding a comment based on your assumption?

  • Sunny Haair

    Yeah I use Battery exclusively. Even with Launchpad95′s step sequencer.

    The bottom left on the LP controls the top left in Battery, the second from the bottom left controls the second from the top left in Battery, the first cell from the left on the second row from the bottom will trigger the 5th cell from the left in battery, and so and so forth.

    I usually build my own kits in it, but even when I don’t – getting the samples to match up to the pads you want them to is simply a matter of dragging and dropping the samples to whichever cell you need them to be on.

    It’s much easier to drag and drop the cells in Battery to match up with the Launchpad than it would be to have a custom script written or some advanced mapping done so that the Launchpad could match up with Battery – though it could be done if you’re able to or know a person that can.

  • Lega

    True..but it sucks as it makes no sense and it’s not ergonomic nor intuitive.. (imagine if it would be like this on Scene mode.. :D )

    I had thought of that workaround altough it’s not a true sollution but if you say that making a mapping is complicated i guess i’ll just stick with that..

    Thank you any way ;) [][]

  • Tyler Davies

    I have a Novation Launchpad S that I am using with reason. It works perfectly as a midi controller, but I would like to be able to customize the colors of the pads but can’t seem to figure it. using Automap I can create custom maps but it only uses red. I know my launchpad is capable of displaying different colors because it cycles through them when i start it up. PLEASE HELP

  • 3ark1ll Studios

    Ok Tyler, I was in your position as well and I know how frustrating it is, so I will try to explain it as thoroughly and as clearly as I can. So to program your Launchpad with reason, you will actually be sending midi notes to the device. You are doing everything with automap correct. So make record your loop or your sound or beat with your launchpad with reason. Next, go to the instruments panel, and add a EM1 below your instrument that was used to record. A new note lane titled EM1 should appear in the sequencer panel. Then, you need to copy the midi notes from your actual instrument to the EM1′s note lane (If you want the notes to show up exactly as you played them). Lastly, to make it all work, you need to select the midi channel for the EM1 to send the notes to. I have my launchpad set to channel 1, so verify your channel and set it. To change the colors, you actually need to change the velocity of the note. Red=79 Green=120 Yellow=127 and Orange=111. It took me a while to figure this out, but when I did, it was awesome. I have a song on YouTube where I did this. If you wanna check it out go here:

    NOTE: It is not a tutorial or anything, just a song I made.
    I hope this helped! Happy Launchpading!

    -3ark1ll Studios

  • Cozdis

    Hello! I have a Launchpad Pro and I have a question about User 2 Mode.
    Basically I have 8 Tracks and 8 aif files in a row. Is it possible while in User Mode 2 to go to Ableton Live 9, click on MIDI and then assign the row of aif files in a column form ( Top left downwards to bottom left) on the pads of the Novation Launchpad Pro?

    I tried doing so and it keeps assigning the each aif file to CC 21 which is the top left button everytime. Which means that in the end one pad activates all 8 sounds.

    I hope it’s clear and thank you to anyone who’s willing to give me answer

  • Dekoy Wilson

    Hello I’ve just purchased a launchpad mk2 I have gone through da normal set up an have downloaded nevs Equinox for ableton live 9 I go to push user 1 and I can play the song but with no lights an i can’t seem to change to the next section of song I.e intro to pianos then to build an so on please help is there a video for this that u can recommend please and thank u

  • Gamerock

    Hi! I hope somebody is still monitoring this thread. I have found 0 info on the following question on Internet. What are those 3 additional Automap modes and how to utilize them, meaning:
    1) FX – how can I assign something there and is it possible at all
    2) Inst – same here
    3) Mixer – what is that? how to do something with it?

    User mode is fine – so it allows you to choose a different midi channel to work with.

  • Minecraft12345678910

    Hi people! Can someone help me with this?
    So, I have been trying for about 3 hours, but I cannot figure out how to change the page. Also I just got my launchpad today so I’m kind of new to it.