This week we take time to listen to some of the entries from our fellow DSP viewers and find the new intro for The DSP Project, it was cool to see entries come in from all over the globe. Congratulations to the winner who will be taking home a brand new Launchpad to mashup Ableton Live until his heart is content. And a BIG thank you to the dudes at Novation for putting up the prize.

  • harshitjain91 (Destinashion)

    Thanks man for playing my entry in the video! :) Would love to have a feedback. The winning entry is brilliant.


    Wow! I never thought that you would like my tune that much, thanks. Congratulations for the winner! The new camera works pretty well.

  • Anonymous

    Not a problem, thanks for taking part. 

  • Anonymous

    Hey! Yeah the more I listened to it the more I liked it, the minimal approach was appealing. Any chance you could do me another version where the tail carries on, its chopped off atm. email me and I will see if I can find a little something to send you. Where are you living anyways?

  • Fjuka

    The one i liked the most was the one from Cobaltum. I think the one you chose is a bit similar to the original intro, but it is still a nice one.


    Of course! I will send it to you on Tuesday if that’s not a problem. And
    sorry about lack of info in my profile, I live in Poland. Right now my
    soundcloud is just a place for tracks in progress. That’s why I’ve never
    really cared about the info.

  • Anonymous

    I think the Cobaltum was definitely the best engineered entry but what can I say I am a sucker for a beat…

  • Cobaltum

    Thanks for playing my entry :) Many of guys here had nice ideas for sounds.

  • camera guy

    i like it