Tutorial: Multiple midi instruments as in a single Ableton Live channel. Allow each midi clip to address a different instrument (hint: instrument rack + chain selector). This is a great tip for keeping a large live set manageable and making the most of your control surface.

Also learn how to limit your software levels while using the full stroke of your hardware faders to avoid clipping.

Thanks to Philipp from the south of Germany for the first viewer question on the show!

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  • Philipp

    Yeah, I'm the first =D
    I'm all happy, I'm gonna see if it works as soon as I have time…

    Thanks Rupert.

  • Uncle Bully

    great tut Rupert. man Live is so extensive!

  • Jaron

    Bro, we were having a impromptu jam session the other night and needed to get 2 MIDI devices all going in live at the same time. We were a bit stuck so googled it and your video came up first thing! Cheers! Jaron =)

  • RupertBrown

    Small world aye? I'm glad your getting into Live though (After a few suggestions ;-) I think it will suite your style well + we can have a big old mash up next time im in NZ.


  • 4ndrww

    i wish that fader behaviour could be set up as a default option, but anyways.

    another potential solution?
    say if you didnt want to mess up some of the neat default behaviours some midi controllers have with Live's faders, like say you wanted to be able to scroll left or right sometimes with the cursor keys on the apc or the bank buttons on a novation or whatever (so moving away from the original question a little)

    would dropping a utility plugin set to -18db on each channel, give the same result?
    or what would you do?

  • RupertBrown

    I like you thinking 4ndrww!
    yes adding a utility on each channel (at the end on the FX chain) would be usable work around. I cant think of better solution, good work!

  • http://twitter.com/dreamhub dreamhub

    Hi, great tutorials. I use the chain selector for choosing midi instruments – and also the settings in a clip for Bank, Sub-bank and Program to automatically select a voice on the midi instrument. The problem is though, that with instruments and voices that use samples (Absynth 5 and Alchemy Player), an audible click in the audio appears. This happens no matter how many audioclips are playing while I trigger the midi clip to select the voice. Anyone have any idea why this happens?

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