After many emails asking for a run down I am going to walk you through setting up the LED feedback on the Launchpad. Including drum racks, metronome, LED mute and how to specify which colour you want.

Update – Big thanks to hopelost9 on YouTube who let us know:

“hey guys, after a bit of testing, i found out that to get the brightest green color, the velocity is 125, brightest red is 75, and brigtest yellow is 127. good luck”

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  • DJ Girish Khatiwada

    Using high velocity for down beat was a smart idea for metronome LED feedback. I will be looking forward to your video on monitors.

  • readyman

    I was wondering if there was any sort of LED feedback “preview” for user 1 mode, so that a beginner user would know which lights have an instrument behind it. Similar to session view, where the light is lit even though you haven’t pressed it yet.

  • Ivn Os

    I just made the same lesson about that in russian….

  • Thelonesomevalley

    i have an akai apc20 could you make a video for led feedback for me please

  • Alexanderdavis

    Is there any way to make a metronome on the first page of the launchpad that doesn’t make the lights go all wonky.

  • Burnzy54


    I just recently purchased my Novation Launchpad, and am thoroughly pleased with the overall performance of the product. I have figured out pretty much everything that I have the desire to know, but I am still left with one blank. Why can i not have an effects rack personalized to my liking, that applies of all tracks? It is not a huge deal, but it would be nice if i did not have to map every effect for each individual track. Any suggestions/videos to watch?

  • Anonymous

    Saddly the APC20 is alot more limited in its customizability, you kind of have to work with it as is. If anyone has seen anything to the contrary with advanced scripting etc please speak up.

  • Anonymous

    You could use 4 or 8 clips and follow actions to make a vertical scrolling one but you would have to sacrifice a whole channel for it.

  • Anonymous

    This is a very interesting question, off the top of my head I dont think so. But next time I plug my LP in I will see if I can make it happen. Good idea though.

  • Anonymous

    Are you are wanting to your effects to be applied to all audio then just chuck the FX rack on the master bus (channel on the far right). Is this what you mean?

  • Alexanderdavis

    Thank you!

  • Paul

    Hi rupert,

    Is there any way of making some sort of graphical equalizer on the launchpad like you can on the AKAI LPD8?

    Ie: lights going up and down to the music

  • Thelonesomevalley

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my inquiry (even if there wasn’t much advice you could give me at the present time.)

  • Anonymous

    I havent tried it but there is a MAX patch here:

    Let us know how you get on!

  • Humofachainsaw

    excellent video, pretty basic idea i just hadnt thought of it. Anyways, I tried this and everything works fine in user 1 mode but it makes my session view flash random buttons. I may be overlooking some setup cross-up but any help would be appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    If you watch my LED feedback video again I explain you need to midi mute when leaving user1 mode or you will get strange feedback as the LP uses midi to comunicate the state in its other modes and so you are adding random info into it so it will act a bit wack.

    Make sense?

  • Paul

    Thanks just tried this, its very buggy and only works when it wants too. cheers tho rupert.

  • Paul_clews

    This is great! i can now use my AKAI LPD8 as a metronome seperately thanks!

  • Paul_clews

    This one

  • Paul_clews

    Though id post this here as i though it would gain interest.

    Put your printer to good use with your launchpad using transparency film:

  • Eatyourstrawberry

    Hey, thanks for this video, I just got myself an LP but I’m stuck on the following:

    Is it possible to set up Launchpad so that when it is on
    User 1 mode and triggering Drum Racks, the pads that have been
    assigned a sound are always lit up? and on pressing them they change
    colour or switch off?

    It would be really helpful, when triggering over 50 samples, to know where on the 8×8 grid there is an empty pad.
    more useful would be to be able to group the samples on launchpad by
    colour so that you know which samples correspond to which songs or parts
    etc, but maybe this is asking too much.

    I’ve looked all over the net for anyone who has managed to sort this out but have had no luck!

    I look forward to your answer!


  • Anonymous

    That would be awesome Pablo. I dont want to say anything is not possible but saddly I cant see a way to make that to happen. I’m sure it could be done with max4live but thats another mission altogether.

  • Manuel

    I’m kind of stuck. I tried your way of getting a light feedback when in user 1 mode, but Ableton crashes as soon as play some notes with the Launchpad as an out in the midi track. My driver is up-to-date, I use Ableton live 8.1. on a Mac with Lion. What is wrong with me ? 

    PS : I tried several times and followed the instruction with great care, and Live and the Launchpad crash both. I have to restart the all thing. 

  • manuel bedouet

    So, I did find an answer by myself. Actually, Ableton live & Mac OS Lion do not work well together for now. The midi out makes le software crash, and you have to disable the multicore suport in order to avoid that kind of problem. Ableton is currently working on a solution, but they don’t have one yet. 

    Pardon my english, i’m french…

  • Malvina and Carabas Barabas

    Huuuuge Thanks 4 in4, Manuel !!! I`m getting Lion Mac… 
                                     Malvina and Carabas Baras

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for keeping us informed. I know this is a bit late for you but I would recomend anyone holding off updating for awhile.

  • Malvina and Carabas Barabas

    4 those, like me, bound to upgrade to Mac OS Lion( Ableton Live 8 compatibility issue)page link to keep eye on:
                                                                          Malvina and Carabas Barabas                     

  • Jim

    Nothing shows up for output when I try to do the second midi track that gives the led feedback

  • Anonymous

    Its probably your midi settings in live for the LP, see my options at 2:34 in this video:

  • Robbert

    Tried it and it works perfectly, THOUGH there is 1 problem. When i made a metronome in user1 bank, the metronome also shows in my session view. Is there any possible way to avoid this?

  • Niteryderbilly

    Can I have one launchpad be the master, and another LP be the slave?  Then I could fire off the clips and navigate around on the master, and use the slave LP for volume and effects.  

  • Anonymous

    You can have up to six launchpads at the same time. Its not a master slave relationship they all work simultaneously with there own coloured box on the screen so you can do what ever you want (including your scenario above).

  • Geocarriere

    Hi Rupert, got the same problem as  Robbert below.
    Metronome shows on User 2 and mixer, at an other place than User one though.
    Any suggestions?
    Many thanks

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the reply, its kind of a pain to upgrade everything to cover for a few hours but I am guessing this is the only option? Is it possible to upgrade for 24hrs then return to my normal plan or is this an unreasonable request? I dont know how much work is involved.

    Many thanks,

    Rupert Brown
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  • Mike Miroshnikov

    ?????? ?????

  • Mike Miroshnikov

    So, what’s the solution, Rupert?
    After I’ve made mu buttons blinking to the drum rack, I have them blinking in all of the modes (session, mixer…)
    I understand, why this happens (that pages are also controlled by outgoing midi-messages), but how to make things right?

  • Christian Eagles

    thanks bro,couldn’t have done it without you,

  • qore

    Hey Rupert
    I love your series and this website. I come here all the time to sort out queries and get some tutorials on my launchpad and ableton. I have ableton launchpad edition on my laptop(its windows…BOO) and that midi input/output thing won’t appear where its supposed to, near the sends. do you know why that is and if so, how can i fix it. Thanks for the series, its great!

  • RupertBrown

    You need to click the little round io button in the bottom right to show your IO options.

  • HuntMeDown

    Hey. Can you possibly make this on PC? Because I don’t have a Mac.

  • RupertBrown

    Good news is it works just the same on PC as it does on Mac.

  • Phillay

    Crazy enough, I only came here for one thing and learned so much more. Thank you for this video.

  • RupertBrown


  • AA

    Rupert, thanks for the tutorial. I had a quick question, I can only get the LED feedback to work if the Input/Output aren’t configured in the preferences within ableton. As soon as I set the Launchpad as the Output, the LED feedback stops working. Now, that’s all fine until I need to switch modes, as it doesn’t work at that point :P

    Any suggestions?

  • RupertBrown

    Strange, you should have In out selected as Launchpad. Haven’t run into that one, I have to cover the basics, do you have the most recent version of the novation USB driver installed?

  • AA

    Thanks again Rupert, I’m on a Mac, so no drivers so to speak. I did get it figured out thanks to lots of Googling haha. In Ableton 9 for whatever reason, when setting up the 2nd MIDI channel to push the LED signal to the Launchpad, the MIDI To section has to be on Channel 5 oddly enough.

  • RupertBrown

    There is a novation midi driver for Mac
    That probably why you had your issues.

  • Jazz

    You Are dead on thanks a lot!

  • DJ MuzeMaster

    After watching Culture Mashup by Launchpad Pro, I noticed that he adds light effects to some samples so when he presses a single button, a couple other buttons light up at the same time without actually playing their assigned sounds. How can I achieve this?