After many emails asking for a run down I am going to walk you through setting up the LED feedback on the Launchpad. Including drum racks, metronome, LED mute and how to specify which colour you want.

Update – Big thanks to hopelost9 on YouTube who let us know:

“hey guys, after a bit of testing, i found out that to get the brightest green color, the velocity is 125, brightest red is 75, and brigtest yellow is 127. good luck”

  • Tom00369

    Hey person, I bought a launchpad, but the lights won’t even go on! It does control the samples on Ableton, but I have no idea how to load anything in.

  • RupertBrown

    Hey person number 2. You have posted this question on a tutorial answering your question. If you need more help you need to provide more information on your problem.

  • RupertBrown

    Dummy clips. Lights are triggered by sending midi notes to the LP. Create a midi clip that sends the notes for the desired pads and hay presto you did it.

  • Gunnar Torfi

    Hi man, hope this video ain’t to old to get a response. First off, thx for a good tutorial, love how the launchpad grooves along with the drum rack. But now i am setting up for a live set and i have all my drums exported as audio files.
    I set up a new blank midi track and copied the midi from the drum rack, so it grooves along with the audio, so all i had to do was to find a way to make the two tracks sync.
    One way i found out, was to group the drum track and the midi track, but that takes space away from my APC40, is there a way to make the midi track follow the drum (audio) track even though they are in different ends of the screen?
    Hope this doesn’t sound too confusing.

    Love and peace from Bangkok – Gunnar Torfi

  • Youssef Mohsen

    Thank you so much! finally a worthy guide who actually adresses this subject. Well done!

  • konstadinos

    i have the same question. I cant set a specific key to light up some other lights on the launchpad.Any tutorial?

  • Robo

    Dude Im trying to figure out how to TOGGLE the lights. i wanted to program my looper to buttons and have the lights toggle on and off when i press them, BUT THERE IS NO INFO on how to program toggles. HELP ME