The Korg nanoKONTROL is a lot of control at low price but does the low price come at a cost? How do you make the most of it with Ableton Live? Find out in this video review as requested by Miguel.

Check out nativeKontrol for more info on nanoLive II

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  • Jake the mus

    right after I'm finished on this bar stool, I'm off to get one of those. nice work cuz

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  • Ricahrd

    The USB ports are very weak on these. One drop with the usb cable plugged in, snapped the port. Luckily they are pretty easy to get in to and hard wire a USB.

  • Tyler Blue

    awesome review mate, thanks a lot

  • D®on@

    Hi rupert, maybe you could help me on this one, how do you manage to integrate/import the file.nktrl_set you personalize with the KORG KONTROL Editor in Ableton Live. My problem is that all the buttons next to the faders are block on momentary (even if toggle mode is set in the .nktrl_set !). I wish they could for example, make ON/OFF for a redux effect or switch on/OFF a vst plugin in Live. Thanks in advance if you got time beetween UK and NZ !

  • RupertBrown

    Hi, im not sure I totally understand the problem. The setup is actually nothing to do with live, you are using the config program to change behavour of the buttons that then needs to be saved/uploaded to the device itself. So once you change the toggle mode of the buttons you need to select from the drop down menu upload to nanoKontrol. sorry I dont have the editor installed so I cant tell you the exact wording but you should be able to find it. The changes are then stored on the device itself so your toggle options should be visiable via the led feedback before you even open live.
    I hope this helps?

  • Anthony

    Dude, your review is quite nice but i think a tutorial on how to perform live with it could be amazing ! The scripts from Myr & co are nice but i would like to know how you use it



  • Henri

    Hi Rupert, thanks for the review. Just bought this as my official portable-mixing unit with Ableton.

    I want to attach black feet to the bottom of my unit as well (I'm guessing for the same reason as you — to fit over the keyboard on my pre-unibody MacBookPro.

    Where did you find them? How did you attach them? Yours look simple enough and I could really use a slight elevation so that I can mix more easily on the train.


  • RupertBrown

    They had a box of them at my old work, they where for all sorts of electronics. Routers, video servers, matrix etc but we rack mounted everything so they weren't used. They are very simple as they have adhesive backing, pull the paper off and stick them on. Have a look at the box your modem or USB hub came in, if you haven't stuck them on you may have some kicking about.

  • Vic

    great review rupert. i've been thinking on using this for a basic transport and fader/pan control for logic studio. currently i'm using the midi fader functionality on my m-audio axom 49, but am thinking to downgrade to a smaller midi keyboard controller and separate fader controller, so that they'll all fit comfortably on my home studio desk.

  • RupertBrown

    good call, if you go ahead let us all know how it works out for that application.

  • Flight 19

    very nice, Rupert, I’ve been thinkin in get one of those cause my launchpad doesn’t help me too much with knobs and faders stuff, thanks for your videos!!

  • Coen Bruurmijn

    I bought the entire set in a package deal. The price was ok and much better than the quality. The nanoKontrol is ofter used to control effects in Ableton. But both keys and pad deliver bad quality. You can compare the keys with a normal keyboard, and the pad is not sensitive enough. So you have jam them really hard to produce any sound .