After last weeks snare layering video John asked “I’m assuming you can follow the same procedure for kicks?” and Torm3nt had questions about phase. So in this follow up I show you what Phase Cancellation is and how to deal with it and my approach to layering snares.

This is also an experiment with the first screen cast in HD woop!

  • John

    Great video. Using ADSR to make the kicks blend is a great technique. Cheers

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  • Cobnob

    Great vid thanks!

  • 230v

    nice thx

  • kubi

    Biggest thank you! You are doing a great job for us!

    PS: Big Up from Russia! :-D

  • Brash

    Can anyone tell me the name of the spectrum plugin he is using in the video? Its heaps better than abletons

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  • RupertBrown

    Its from T-RackS 3 by IK Multimedia I love it, check it out:

  • Stevendemers

    Just wanted to start off by thanking you and your team as your tutorials are by far the best I’ve come across on the web and I’ve enjoyed watching and learning from them greatly ( the gate side chaining was amazing), now to my problem that I’ve been struggling with that I hope you can help me with, it’s a combination of two videos that you have produced, the freeze and flatten and the layering of kicks/snares, I’ve been using a technique similar to yours on the layering of drums but I’ve always struggled once I’ve achieved my desired sound with my cpu limitations, I’ve been looking for a way to “bounce down” my audio to save on cpu and your video on freezing and flattening hit the spot perfectly, until I tried to put it into my workflow,
    I just want to know what you would do after you have your desired sound, how would you go about freezing the kick drum tutorial, I have done as you showed but am now left with a great sounding kick but lots of effects (ie eq on each track and a compressor etc on the group track) split over 3 tracks and a group ( which If I right you can’t freeze a group track?) so if I freeze the drum tracks but I can’t freeze the group track I’m still left with effects running which I don’t want, I just want a clean audio sample of the 3 kicks and the group effects combined , could you give me some tips on how to either render/bounce down, route/ record or freeze the output of the group track and end up with an audio file to then go and use in set without all the cpu draining effects, I look forward to your help and the next instalment of your tutorials.
    Ps do you know when the release of the korg control 2 is, and will you be doing a follow up review?

  • RupertBrown

    Ok so if you have a bunch of channels the easiest way is to record into a new channel. Cmd+T to create a new audio channel, we will call it REC. Setup the routing (use the little io button on the hard right to pop out channel routing options). On all of the kick channels under the “Audio to” drop downs select our new REC channel. On the REC channel select Monitor:in and hit the record arm button on the REC channel and the master record arm at the top. Play your kick and it should record all the combined signals into a nice audio file on the REC track for you to cut up, save or use in your project. You are now free to kill or disable (see effect rack videos) your effects to get that sweet sweet cpu nectar.

    Let me know if that makes sense, good luck.

  • Stevendemers

    i've tried routing all kick tracks into a new track but the problem is when i try to apply effects to all of the them at the same time ie on the new record track put a compressor onto it to effect all the kicks, in order for all tracks to be heard i have to put the monitor to “in” which is fine and i've got working but now i can't freeze the new track as it is “in”. so i guess i just switch it back to auto then freeze the track after i've recored the take, i don't want to delete effects etc if i dont need to in case i want to go back later in the project and mess around with the setting slightly, anyway i keep having a mess about and i guess i'd better watch your effect racks video again, thanks for taking the time out to reply

  • Anonymous

    You dont want to apply fx in the record track. If you want to effect all the channels GROUP them togeather and put your plugins on the group. Then route the group to the record channel. Record into the record channel then in the arrangement view you can cut, paste or save the compleate sample.

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  • Zoltan!

    Trigonometry at work! xD

  • Amichael1189

    Great tutorial, love how u explain things…random question though..How do you have your channel activators different colors on alternating channels?? I think that could really help keep things sorted out for me.

  • Anonymous

    I dont? Maybe you are seeing some active and some off?