Here I run you through how I built three acoustic diffusers for the rear wall of the studio. As long as you put the work into the prep this is actually a fairly simple project that looks great at the end. I looked at using commercial solutions for the studio but shipping large blocks of wood all the way to New Zealand added a lot to the cost. I enjoy making things so the DIY approach was more affordable and fun for me.

The software I used was Diffuser calculator


  • Chirag Kotak

    NIce..Thanks…WOuld Love to build this…but its not so easy finding all the equipment and stuff required to build it, in My city…Might try anyway…

  • Bobi

    Hey Rupert,

    Thank you for this but how did the sound of your room changed? Any impressions?

  • RupertBrown

    I did notice a difference, but to honest the difference was subtle. Made the room feel a little larger, if that makes sense. It was a nice improvement but its not as dramatic as when you add a lot of absorption etc.

  • Jez Bailey

    Hey Rupert,

    Great work! I downloaded the tool to create my own Skyline Diffuser.

    One thing i couldn’t quite workout, how wide/high do the individual pieces of wood need to be. I understand the length differentiates depending of the frequencies targeted, for me 750 – 10000. It says column width 1.72 cm but that seems awfully small? I could be wrong.

    Thanks for your time,


    P.s. Hopefully the image below will help!

  • gui_hwe

    What type of wood did you use?

    Great video, thanks!

  • RupertBrown

    The reason if is so small is you are aiming for quite a high frequency. If memory serves if you reduce the 10k number you will get a larger width.

  • Filip Novák

    I think spruce wood works ok and its affordable.

  • Filip Novák

    Hey Rupert, how can I find out which frequencies I should aim?

  • Paulchen Panther

    It is half of the wavelangth at 10000 Hz.

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