Gate Sidechaining

Gate Sidechaining

This is a really quick easy way to get nice rhythmic cuts based on the other elements in your track. Ableton Live tutorial using the standard gate plugin.

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  • Eric Haltmeier

    Very cool video…thanks for sharing!!! Looking forward to experimenting with gate sidechaining.

  • Philipp

    Cool … It also sounds pretty cool, if you do it with a long reverb tail of a sound, though this works best, when there is not to much rumbling.
    But c'mon, how could you say this original bass loop was boring? I thought it was bretty bad axe =D

  • Claudio

    good job! thank you, DSP

  • Jgalt77

    Nice job, great explanation!

  • RupertBrown

    Thanks for the feedback guys, its really appreciated.
    Good call with the reverb Phillipp Im going to use that :-) and ok the sound wasn't boring but it was droney / repetitive and far cooler cut up I thought.

  • Rotatin

    Really interesting, nice little tips in there too. Tight!

  • ChucK

    Thank you Rupert For sharing your knowledge! Much appreciated!

  • Nato

    Good stuff man. Very interesting video :)

  • Bohdai

    killer help, well explained (thx for history/context), easy to understand (solo'd loops then focuses on the gate to see it well) – thank you thank you. well chosen loops for demonstration =)

  • Clarke68

    Oh man that was such a great explanation…very clear and entertaining. Long live The DSP Project!

  • max

    thanks for video. really helpful

  • Pete

    DSP Project rocks!!

  • hazylazy

    helpful, thanks

  • Costa

    very cool tutorial, thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge !

  • DJ Girish Khatiwada

    Very well explained tutorial Rupert. What do you think of side-chaining the background audio to the tutor's vocal track. So, when you are explaining the background audio goes a little low and when u pause the beat is back on. Have you tried that, by any chance?

  • RupertBrown

    Your on point Girish. No I havent done that, I usually try to stop the audio but this makes alot of sense. I probly should of thought of that, thank you!

  • Paul

    Love this thanks for the demo.

  • Bernard9395

    fantastic! another well-done, punchy video. i’ll be trying this technique for sure.

  • Leo Augustus Nagle

    i was wondering about multiple sidechain techniques just the other day, thanks dude, looking forward to your triumphant return

  • Bulletaustralia

    I’ve heard of side chaining but never understood how it works.  Thanks.  I remember a mastering engineer discussing the use of side chaining in a mastering process.  I didn’t understand his point, can you explain? 

  • Mike Bushe

    just stumbled upon you and found your tutorials really helpful. as i have not been able to get into college recently. you explain everything so very clear and simple for all to understand and do not have an arrogant attitude like most of these other fame hungry web leeches lol. your work is most appreciated. thank you and keep up the good work