Freeze & Flatten

Freeze & Flatten

I am going to show you my top 3 reasons why Freeze and flatten are tools you need to be using. Plus we have another little give away this week.

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  • Kevin

    Freezing Random Generators, great tip. Thanks man.

  • MMI (Georg Nikodym)

    Reason #4

    Imagine revisiting a Live set after a couple of years and software upgrades and the plugins not working or making different sounds…

    Freeze/flatten protects against this problem.

  • RupertBrown

    a very good point! This has happened to me some time ago when I used to use FL studio. Was really fustrating.

  • Mathieu Pe

    sub zero rules!

  • RupertBrown

    I know, totally worth the risk of a law suit :-)

  • Arpetrio

    I always get pops and clicks after freezing and flattening, especially when the loop starts and ends. How can I avoid this?

  • Anonymous

    Strange I havent had that, does it happen consistantly?
    I would start with the record settings: Preferences>Record Wap Launch>Record try different file type or bit depth and see if it changes it at all.
    Let us know how you get on.