Mike Hillier is THE Pro Tools guy for MusicTech magazine so I was thrilled when he agreed to show us how he approaches mixing down a real drum kit. While he is using Pro Tools most of the mixing techniques can be used in any DAW. Part 2 next week.

Mike Hillier is a professional mix engineer and journalist, if you want to know more about Mike check out :

The DSP Project interview with Mike Hillier

Mike on Twitter

Mike’s site

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  • Malvina and Carabas Barabas

    “… No! …no Dear!!.. It`s not “Serial Killer”… It`s  ”Serial of Hillier”!…” Thank both of U for bringing up “The juice & core” and maintaining highest taste and manner  standards. 
                                                             Malvina and Carabas Barabas.

  • Rob Sommerfeldt

    Another way to deal with additive EQ gain issues is to drop ALL your faders between 5 and 10db, before you start mixing,  so that you have lots of room to work without have to keep bringing them down over time.

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