APC20 vs Launchpad

APC20 vs Launchpad

In response to the popular Novation Launchpad Akai have released the APC20 weighing in at the same price point but with faders clearly the APC20 is going to have the advantage right?

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  • Kevin

    I like your new review, you were fair. I totally agree your with assessment. I personal use a Launchpad and BCF2000 for faders. It cost $375 but then you get the best of both worlds.

  • Robbert Peperkamp

    Thanx for your videos. I have them both but looking for a combination to use in my liveset.
    The thing with the launch pad is that i dont like to go to the user modes because them im loosing control of the clips for a couple of second. Maybe its nice to see a video on how you can make a good custom live template with enough control. After a couple of years of experimenting im still looking for the right setup. (what fx to use, do i need rotatery knobs that kind of stuff). Looking forward to your next video!
    Thanx again..

  • n4Sphere

    thx it was a really fair competion :)

  • Andy

    I missed a comparison between the pads in terms of how they feel to the touch. Are either of them harder to press than the others? Which would work better to record drums?

  • RupertBrown

    Your right Andy,
    Should of gone into more detail:
    LP's are larger but this does sometimes create a bit of a double click sensation as one side of the button is pressed and as more pressure is applied the other side pops in. Its not a major but you can feel it. The APC does the same thing but as the pads are smaller its less noticeable. When pressing with any kind of force you wont feel it.

    The APC pads are higher raised so you get more of a feeling of pressing or not pressing, also they are more spaced apart so you might have less chance of a “mis-trigger”. They are fairly similar hardness to press with the APC being slightly softer.

    In fact the more I think about it I do like the APC pads but I think LP has to win just for drumming just because your getting a bigger target.

    Good question, thanks!

  • Musikmailbox

    can the apc20 be used for any other programs other than ableton.??

  • RupertBrown

    It could but the functionality is limited, but yes its still sending midi data. I haven't tried it myself though so you would want to test it in a shop before buying it for another package.

  • http://twitter.com/BenjiSBRK SBRK

    Amon Tobin fan I see ? :)

  • RupertBrown

    Good spoting! Yes I am indeed, he is a fantastic sound design/sample artist.

  • http://twitter.com/BenjiSBRK SBRK

    I have the same wallpaper on my laptop at the moment, so yeah I spotted :) And I'm a huge fan anyway.

    I just bought an APC20. Do you know of any way to make the record arm row being always in shift mode, so you can switch from vol to send to user, etc, without having to press shift ? And always knowing in which mode you are ? It's the only thing that I miss to have a perfect control :)

  • Straw_hat33

    Scuse me, I'm french and I don't understant all the VS.
    What's the final result? Do you prefer Akai APC20 or Novation Launchpad ?

    Please resume with simply words :)

  • RupertBrown

    Hmm dont know of any easy way to do it, if its a midi message you could probly make a hack with bomes. Cant have a crack as ive given mine away now. If you do find a solution let us all know though.

  • RupertBrown

    APC20 is better for solo use.
    Launchpad is better for use with other controllers.

    Make sense?

  • http://twitter.com/ClemensAD Clemens Donner

    I have bought the apc 20 for 20 minuts i hope tomorrow arrives it, but thomann is the fastest!

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  • http://twitter.com/TimCromwell Tim Cromwell

    Would you recommend the Launchpad for use with the nanoKontrol?

  • Musikmailbox

    i have had an issue with all my midi since I installed the APc 20 and then changed the USB port and used it on my laptop,,. Now I can see all my MIDI control in ableton, I select the remote and track activation to on. But nothing.. I think there stuck In rewire OR stuck as another programs midi. I tried to sync traktor w live a while back and it seems to be all around the same time.. anyone else with this issue.. Or Am I gonna be the proud owner of a bunch of smashed electronics. SO fustrated. No help from either APC or ABLETOn 

  • Anonymous

    No reason why not, so yes.

  • Anonymous

    Ok well as for rewire it will say live is opening in rewire in the splash screen plus it wont let you select any VST / AU plugins if tis in rewire so thats how you cnan rule that out.
    So you say you can see everything ok, it all looks normal but some controls dont work? Can you see the little midi input light blinking when you hit the buttons?

  • –> This guy <–

    Do you think that the launchpad can still be used as a solo device if you don’t want to buy more than one device? And if so, how good of a device would you consider it alone compared to the apc 20?

  • Anonymous

    Definitely can run a set from the launchpad alone. 

    Compared to the APC20 I would say its harder to work in a traditional mixer sense. Out the box you cant launch a clip as you pull a volume fader down (But you can automate it http://thedspproject.com/trigger-an-automation-envelope). This just means you have to be a bit more creative with your setup, some times restraints can be great food for creativity making you rethink your current assumptions on how your set should function.

    Hope that makes sense. 

  • gucci

    it still costs less than an apc 40

  • Niteryderbilly

    Is there a midi controller that has a few knobs and volume faders you recommend, to go w the LP?

  • Anonymous

    The Korg nanoKontrol is a good small, cheap option and about the same width as the LP. There is a review of it here http://thedspproject.com/korg-nanokontrol-review.