APC20 Jam

APC20 Jam

Continuing on the APC20 theme I have thrown together a little set as a more practical demo.
Also I am excited to bring you the first give away on the show, thanks to the good people at Loopmasters you have the chance to win “Live Drum And Bass Drums by K J Sawka” sample pack. If you want it all you have to do is use the twitter or facebook buttons below. A winner will be picked at random at the end of October.

  • n4Sphere

    Hi Rupert,

    you did a nice job. This time I have some questions about your routine. So first you used the alchemy for the bassline and afterwards you manipulated it with some FX with your right hand at the knob. Is there only the filter mapping on this button or something else. Please can you describe a little bit your FX setup in this video or rather your mapping via the send a channel.

    greetz daniel

  • Algorhythmik

    Thanks for doing these videos Rupert! You are the awesome!
    I too just wanted to know what your mapping was because that was cool.
    Also, mad props for using KJ Sawka's stuff. He is one of my favorite artists out there.

  • RupertBrown

    Ok cool, you asked for it. I will go through the setup for you.

  • don

    thx for the reviews. great stuff, helped me a lot to find the decision which controller im going to buy (its the apc20)!

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  • Nuthead

    Thank U Sir! Abletone tuts r fantastic, especially “effects racks”. I watched alooot tuts on Logic and Ableton including Macvideopro.com and ,unfortunately, developed “allergy” for “drum loops”, yet really! enjoyed your tuts. But real stupendous stellar star of the show, so far- APC20/Launchpad series. My favorite: APC20 Jam. If U would were kind and in the mood to create couple more on APC40 ( i much prefer APC`s) and post them, i think, everyone would be happy. To be honest, U completely lost me on Kylotone stuff… ???? But whatever makes U happy… . U r very smart and talented guy ! So much so, that, BTW, in interviews, often stuff u r saying more interesting than  Your guests. Once again thank U very much.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Nuthead,
    Thats some kind prase of which I dont think im compleatley worthy. I have had a few people asking for more tutorials so thats what im going to do. I’ve got a few more episodes to get out the way re:monitors etc but then I will be getting back into the swing of tuts and reviews.

    Watch this space…