Amplitube 3 review

Amplitube 3 review

Amplitube 3 by IK Multimedia is a guitar and bass cabinet simulator I have had for awhile now. But what would a guy who cant play guitar out of a paper bag want with a guitar rig plugin? Well turns out you don’t need to rock an axe to find a lot of useful applications for this bad boy. In this review / tutorial I will walk you through the interface and give you demos of my application. You guys have asked for more audio samples in previous reviews so this time I will let you have a good listen for yourself, demonstrating 1000 presets (almost).

The first guitar loop used in the tutorial part is from Loopmasters Rock hip hop guitar and bass

The drum and bass samples are all from Loopmasters (sweet) Ray Keith orignial drum and bass vol 1 pack

  • Malvina and Carabas Barabas

    “It`s Freaking Rock`n Roll ! But I Like It… !!”  Welcome Back to The Music ! Very, very nice video, cool loops, ( may be it`s worth to alternate, use more loops, a bit more often-to avoid repetitiveness). Thank U Sir ! Prince Charles and Kate bless You ! Cheer Up !
                                                               With great respect, 
                                                              Malvina and Carabas Barabas.

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  • Jabberwocky1969

    You can get Amplitube 3 on a free version that has a ton of the effects and all the amps you could want (and I’m a guitarist) Then you can just demo more gadgets and buy on the fly.

    One caveat : you need a intel processor-based Mac if you are a mac guy.  No old macs (Power PC) are supported.