Akai LPK25 review

Akai LPK25 review

The LPK25 or “Laptop Performance Keyboard” is a very portable 25 key USB midi keyboard with built in arpeggiator. Even though the keys arnt full sized I still found it very usable for working out quick melodies and bass lines. Here I go into detail with the arp option to show you it actually gives you quite a few options and even better it can sync to you DAW’s midi clock.

If your interested in the 8-bit sounds in this episode check out the awesome free 8bit plugin: Magical 8bit Plug

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  • Brook

    Good review. Keep it up.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/ Nitten

    The NanoKey sucks as a keyboard, i use mine to trigger clips in Live, much better use for it, but not worth it if you looking for something to trigger clips, there are a million options out there is better. Only reason i use nanokey is that it's all i got for the moment.

  • Nitten

    Don't mind the link, got messed up chatting with a friend at the same time.

  • Matt

    Great review. I basically have to buy this now.

  • Tyler

    Hi.Im getting one of this.You know korg anounce a few days ago the microkey? You got to check it.Thanks.

  • Jeroen

    Awesome demo and review, thanks!

  • Bill

    Nice informative review – much appreciated. Didn't waste my time with extraneous comments.

  • http://twitter.com/JohnnyDeath Jonathan

    This is the best review for this unit that I've seen. Thanks!

  • Jesse

    Congratulations on a killer review on the LPK25. The only video I could find that intelligently examines this unit's features. Based on your report I plan to purchase this unit.
    Many thanks for your effort.

  • Vagellis

    Excellent presentation, but let me ask about my problem during recording. Today the first day I tried on my laptop with sibelius 5 and LPK25. The problem was the delay about one 8th down the beat. I mean attack delayed. I am a pianist so no problem with my fingers.How could fix the delay or attack number? Sorry for my terrible English.
    Thankin you in advance
    Baggelis from Greece

  • RupertBrown

    Hi Vagellis,
    I have not used sibelius before so I might not be much help, I dont think the LPK25 should be producing the delay. Delay problems I have had with MIDI have always come down to audio interface settings. In sibelius make sure you have as small a sample rate as possible say 12ms. The lower the number the less delay the system will have but it will need more CPU so you will have to experiment.
    Other wise it might be a sibelius setting I am not familuar with.

    Good Luck!

  • Yasa_araf

    hi vagellis, you may need to sync the LPK5 with the software host. a lack of sync might explain why you are hearing a delay

  • Lou Bones

    Hi. I just watched your review of the Akai LPK25 and just wanted to say that I apprecitated your thoroughness quite a lot. Your review was really helpful. Thank you.

  • Carlos


    Thanks so much for the review. Love your website. Nothing that can be used as a mod-wheel in this keyboard?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, and no. No mod wheel type thingys at all.

  • Ve3tvb

    what software did you use with the LPK 25

  • Anonymous

    Abelton as the host and there is a link to the 8bit plug in show notes.

  • Anonymous

    “Laptop Performance Keyboard” is so wonderful, we can use it as Laptop Keyboard.

  • Maciek

    awesome reveiw

  • Deppeowner

    I have the AKAI LPK25 and I love it… Ableton Live 8 loves it as well. What brought me to your site was a search for tutorials about certain aspects of Ableton, specifically effect racks, macros, and chains…which have alluded my comprehension— until you explained it. I appreciate your clear concise manner and had to subscribe. Thank you very much!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the kind words man, Im glad DSP has helped you :-)

  • Fer_skulll

    i have win 7 :( no work for meeee

  • Liamskimac

    Great review, thanks

  • Rushab20

    does it work on windows vista?

  • Anonymous

    Nothing works on Vista.

  • Anonymous

    he he just kidding, dont know from experience but its a plug and play device so it SHOULD work on Vista. 

  • Zach_oliver

    would this be good for some one who just wants to start out playing? i play guitar at the moment, but would love to add synth playing to my list of things. (and so ican play the synth solo in girlfriend by the darkness)

  • Anonymous

    I think I might have to get one. Seems decent. If this had touch sensitive strips for mod and pitch wheel would be supreme.

  • Midnightknockss

    Thank you so much! This was an extremely helpful video!


  • zooid

    Hi . I am realy lost , i have checked so many blogs on how to get my win vista laptop i run with protools to recognise the lpk25 . no cigar , it just wont work an di have tried all angles for a day on this . Any one have this problem that managed to solve it ?
    Kind regards

  • RupertBrown

    Sorry Zooid, I’m not a Protools guy. Hopefully someone else can chime in…

  • merii

    does it works on windows 8

  • Evafe Papellero

    Hi I just bought my Akai Pro LPK 25 second hand with a friend can someone shed some light how to use this in my laptop computer i tried to register the product number but keeps coming back not existing and my laptop is windows 10. Do i need to download a software for this it says plug and play right away but it did not work. Cheers for helping me.