Akai APC20 Review

Akai APC20 Review

Is the APC20 doomed to live in its bigger brothers shadow or can it fend for itself?
Find out this week as I share my initial feelings on Akai Professionals latest Ableton Live controller. This is a first impressions review with more hands on videos to come (sorry no man on machine action this week).

Also on a side note thanks to Peter Morgan of The DJ Podcast for having me on for an interview.

  • n4Sphere

    nice review!!! looking forward to the next episode, especially the demos and showdown :)

    greetz n4Sphere

  • Henke Himself

    It would be great if you get to speak about combination mode in your next episode, e.g. running both APC40 and APC20!

  • Em

    Good stuff!

    I'd really like to know how the pads perform for drums and how easy it is to transition from triggering clips to triggering drums.

    I used an MPC once and the pads were way too hard, had to hit them like crazy, especially if I had velocity sensitivity on. (which is not available on the APC anyway, but no biggie)

  • Laxplayer142013

    What is the difference between this and a Native Instruments Maschine?

  • Anonymous

    A very good question. To be honest I have never even touched Maschine but it seems be more then a midi controler as it has an on board display. APC20 is designed for controling Ableton Live where the machine seems to be built around NI’s own software.

    Can anyone else add more to this?


    If anyone from Native Instruments is in the house, hook me up!