Akai APC20 basics

Akai APC20 basics

What can an APC20 do when you first plug it in? In this episode I cover all the basic functionality of what all those nice buttons do out of the box (No crazy tricks this week just a straight forward run down).

  • Pat

    Awesome basic tutorial of how everything works! Any chance another tutorial is coming? I would love one that shows this used in a live setting.. scene start, clip launch, and improvising with note mode.

  • n4Sphere

    HI folks,

    I have a question about the note mode. In one of the Launchpad videos Rupert used the Automap software for additional programming. So can I use the note mode equally? When note mode is activated, how many midi notes or commands cc# and notes are available? Is the note mode only used with one midi channel per APC unit or per track etc. ? How good or bad are the midi jumps when switching between the fader modes? Cause in the video it seemed a little bit buggy.

    For the future content: I would like to know which set up makes more sense. The APC20 with a Nocturn or a Launchpad in practical use.

    PS: thx for the nice overview about the layout

    greetz daniel

  • Spinefisher

    I'm sorry, but I've failed to notice that. Do the buttons light up while playing the recorded midis in the note mode?

  • RupertBrown

    Yes this is coming, stay tuned…

  • RupertBrown

    Hey Daniel,
    Some good questions here. Regarding the buggy faders I should of pointed out I have “take over mode” set to “pickup” in live. This means when I change what that controller is assigned to it wont move the new parameter until it reaches the same value physically. Other wise if the new parameter is set at 0 and the fader is at 100 as soon as I move the fader down it will send a 99 value to the new parameter. Causing a very unpleasant jump from 0 to 99.
    I hope I have explained that ok.

    In short the faders are fine.

    With regard the depth of programming I haven't had a chance to start customizing it yet but its on my list of things to do this week. But rest assured I will be telling you all about it soon enough.


  • n4Sphere

    thx for your answer

  • RupertBrown

    in the default setting… no :-(
    But I will put that on my list of things to investigate, thanks good question.

  • Danny

    Thank you for the videos. Just bought one of these thanks to the great info you have.

  • jasmas

    could you get me a tutorial of akai apc20 in spanish or something information in spanish? thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, sadly I dont speak Spanish.

  • Luca Maini

    hi, an akai apc20 it’s useful to play music live or also to make music to record? thank u

  • Anonymous

    Its more for performance.
    It can assist in production and recording but its not its strength. I use the transport (stop, play etc) buttons on the APC40 and some times the knobs for recording automation but thats about it. 

  • Rabih Baaklini

    I’m a beginner to APC20, i just installed it, googled tutorials, came across yours, it’s perfect, exactly what i needed to start out with! Thanks a lot mate, extremely helpful !!

    1 question though, i know the APC20 works hand in hand with Ableton, but would it be possible to map it out and use it with other DAW’s such as Cubase??

  • RupertBrown

    As far as I am aware Cubase doesn’t support the APC20 however you can use it as a generic midi controller. You should be able to map its controls in Cubase however you will loose some of the built in functionality compared to using in Live.