Automating volume in Live is easy. Mixing down a project afterward is not as easy. In this video I will show you the right way to add volume automation and if you have already recorded automation onto the channel faders how to keep that automation and free up the faders for mixing duties. Another important note about this method is the device must be at the end of your fx chain.

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  • Malvina and Carabas Barabas

    Another easy Winner! Bright, compact, Smart! Special Thanks for realizing paramount importance of choosing quality musical material/ samples in any!! vid , let alone, musical tut. Nice sample!  Thank U, Thank U, Thank U.
                                                   Malvina and Carabas Barabas.

  • Damuuuuuuuuu

    sweet tips, specially the automantion commands. thanks.

  • Ncanacn

    Nice trick, I guess you could also route the audio to a new audio track and add a new automation lane to that second volume fader for mixdown purposes ?

  • Anonymous

    You could, but then you would have another unessary channel / fader in your
    session mode mixer. Even if you fold it down to make it thinner its
    still extra clutter. That said, in function though your solution is sound.

    There are a number of ways to skin this cat…

  • Kristian

    A good one!
    The Ableton forum is, by the way, a good resource. This very convinient trick Rupert is describing can (among other things) be found here: for the vid, Rupert!Kristian Bredin

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  • Harry

    Your videos are SO HELPFUL. Thank you so much for sharing all the knowledge. : )

  • Philipp

    Awesome great idea.

    Will definitely use this.

  • Systematek

    Hey Rupert, thank you for your videos!  They have helped me out quite a bit!

  • Anonymous

    No problem, thanks for watching :)

  • Matt Fiveson

    Quality video. Just found your site and am quite glad I did. Cheers!