In part 2 we get to the last 3 examples showing how I use the effect rack for A B testing a mastering chain, saving on cpu cycles and multiband processing.

Note on the second useage: You can get the same effect with Freeze but I like having the wave form shown by via the Flatten command. This way you achieve that with the ability to go back later.

See you next week to find out who has won the APC20!

  • DJ Girish Khatiwada

    Hi Rupert,

    Nice video. Please do a video on Ableton's Spectrum when you get time. I would like to learn how to adjust kick and bass line in the mix.

  • Anonymous

    Got a bit of stuff backed up, I will cover this at some point!

  • DJ Girish Khatiwada

    Not a problem Rupert. I understand that. Just so you know – you have a great site that I visit almost everyday.

  • Anonymous

    Cheers man, appreciated!

  • Amichael1189

    me too! really helpful we’re all thankful