You asked for examples so thats what your getting, 6 of them infact. The first 3 of 6 effect rack examples this week include:

1. Parallell compression / Wet dry control

2. Pseudo stereo trick

3. Multi FX blending knob

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  • Kevin

    Thanks that made things clear for me. My FX will sound a lot better now.

  • Jared Gamble

    Your videos are great! Please keep them coming.

  • Amichael1189

    Not sure I understand why you would want to have that one macro mapped to the master it in case you dont want all your macros used for that one effect rack and maybe wanted to map a macro to another track??

  • Anonymous

    This is over a year old, had a look but cant see your question. Can you tell me what time I make the mapping your questioning and I can explain.

    Sorry about that.