This is a first in a series of tutorials explaining the effects rack in deail, this week focusing on the chain list + we have an awesome new give away!

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  • Dizzylotus77

    Very nice. I sure do need an APC.

  • Gerald

    If I add EFX and do not make a chain will the signal then be processed serially or will it still be parallel processing. Talking of parallel processing it seems that the chain would be a good way to set up “NY/parallel compression” as you have wet/dry control.

  • RupertBrown

    With out using an effects rack your plugins are working in serial. The effected audio is output from one plugin to the input of the next, working from left to right in the chain.

    With the effect rack each chain is in parallel. So each chain gets its own clean/unprocessed audio going in with all the outputs mixed together at the end.
    And yes your right this is the tool for parallel compression, and don't worry I will touch on this in up coming videos.

    Hope I explained that ok?

  • yarrrrrrrrrrr

    mortal kombat! badass!

  • Deepak Bundela