2011 Sign Off

2011 Sign Off

Its been a crazy 5 year ride living in London and I have met many amazing people who have helped me grow but all good things must come to an end. So after two years of posting an episode every week I am taking a long holiday and traveling through south east Asia for four months before returning home to New Zealand to follow my dreams. Dont worry though The DSP Project will be coming back via New Zealand next year and if you haven’t been following along there are now 85 previous episodes for you to check out. So this last video is just a thank you to some of the people that have helped me and we finally give away the TC Electronic Impact Twin.


A huge thank you to all who have watched and supported the show, without you none of this would of been possible. And I look forward to bring you new things in 2012!

  • http://twitter.com/theglimmerroom andy condon

    Good luck with the move mate and enjoy your break. Dig your curtains by the way, they are great :)
    See you on the other side!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks man, the curtains are a custom job :-)  

  • Mister Kaa

    I am both pleased and a
    little sad : pure ambivalence…anyway
    I wish you the best for this new start.
    A big thank you for the work you’ve done on this
    site. Like others, I really enjoyed your presence on the net for the relevant contents of your explanations
    and the unique (funny) way  to present. It was very nice to take advantage of your help and obviously, you created a place that only you
    can take in the

    If you go in Asia, when you come back,  please teach me the secrets of satay sauce: the perfect mix
    between peanuts and spices (and other things I guess).
    And before leaving, I am looking for a VST  for Bass, what do you think of Trilian

    Good luck for the future
    and come back soon.

  • Paul Sierowski

    take care, all the best!

  • FreQ

    Rupert I have leaned heaps of stuff from you man! I am sorta bummed to see you go for a bit but PLEASE get yourself setup back home and start new tuts for us music geeks :) Take care!

  • Anonymous

    Dont worry DSP is defiantly returning, it will be a little while but it will be back ;-)  

  • Liam Goss

    I guess i didn’t win….bummer

  • Fredscuddy2

    Dude what happened? Where’d ya go? are you sure coming back? Loopmasters advertises you, companies gave you products. It’s been over three months.

  • Anonymous

    Dont panic!
    Still on holiday, its a 4 month trip but then I have to build a new studio before I can start the show back up so maybe 2 or so months we should be back in action. I know its a huge gap but I am coming back!! 
    Thanks for sticking with me!